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Minh Duc

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Geisha

What you don't know about Geisha Presented by:
Do Ngoc Ha Anh
Phung Ngoc Son
Dao Hong Ngoc
Pham Minh Duc
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao
Dinh Thao Linh
Nguyen Le Hang Overview 3Cs: "3Cs": Changes - Comparison - Connection
The early days of Geisha
Stages of training
Ranking system Gei-sha Performer Art Performing artist The early days of Geisha Stages of training Arts Ranking system Changes
1800: Geisha - a female occupation
1830s: Geisha- fashionable woman throughout society
1920s: 80,000 geisha in Japan
2000: 1000 geisha in Japan Comparison:
Geisha - not prostitutes
Geisha - not wives Connection:
Geisha - successful business women
Exploited women - liberated feminists 3Cs: Changes, comparison, connection The first Geisha: Taikomachi (male geisha) - 17th century Geisha Oiran (courtesan) Odoriko
(female dancer) Shikomi

Geisha houses (okiya)
Works as maids
Learns Geisha arts 13 years
old Maiko 18-20
years old 9 years old Minarai - Learning by watching Onee-san (older sister)
Minarai Okaa-san (mother) 15 years
old Starts working at high-class restaurants
Supported by elder sisters Geisha Successful maiko --> Geisha Hot-spring geisha
considered as no better than protitutes
much less expensive
income supplemented by selling sex
still trained in the art of dance and music Thank you for being with us City geisha
Grand dowagers of Gion district of Kyoto
The gokagai of Kyoto
Gion, Pinchoto, Kamishichiken
Gion Higashi, Mayagawa-cho Oiran (prostitute)
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