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Deconstructing a Prompt

Writing Mini-lesson

Angela Marie

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Deconstructing a Prompt

The first step in being on topic. Deconstructing a Prompt I'm going SPAM! I'm not going HAM... What happens if I don't address the prompt? 1. The grader will notice that you're talking about random things.
2. The grader will then start thinking how your paper is off topic.
3. The grader will disregard everything you wrote no matter how eloquently your paper is written.
4. You will not receive a passing score (4 or higher).
5. You will have to re-take the writing portion of the FCAT until you pass.
6. You will wish you had tried harder and listened while we were practicing in class since you had to be doing it anyway.
7. I will still be here to help you succeed!

I don't want to be harsh, but I am just trying to keep it real! What the SPAM!? S = Situation (What are you writing about?)
P = Purpose (Why are you writing this?)
A= Audience (Who are you addressing?)
M = Mode (How will you write it?)

So now what Miss!?
Now we practice and you'll like it! Situation: Your principal is thinking of rewarding students who pass the 10th grade FCAT on the first try.

Directions: Think of rewards that you believe would be in the realm of possibility and would be effective motivators so that more students would do their best on this test.

Prompt: Now, write to convince your Principal to accept your reward package.
When given the essay all you see is the prompt and writing situation, but there is more to it than what you see typed there. You must go beyond the surface to figure out what your essay needs to entail.
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