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The Detached : Poem project

No description

Violeta Wences

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of The Detached : Poem project

Literary elements
Reader response
The Detached
We die,
Welcoming Bluebeards to our darkening closets,
Stranglers to our outstretched necks,
Stranglers, who neither care nor
care to know that

We pray,
Savoring sweet the teethed lies,
Bellying the grounds before alien gods,
Gods, who neither know nor
wish to know that

We love,
Rubbing the nakednesses with gloved hands,
Inverting our mouths in tongued kisses,
Kisses that neither touch nor
care to touch if
The Detached

Paraphrase in my own words
Poetic Devices
Angelou, Maya. "The Detached." Poemhunter.com. None, n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. <http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-detached/>.

"Maya Angelou." : The Lesson. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014. <http://wadeapenglish.blogspot.com/2012/01/lesson.html>.
Maya Angelou is an American author and poet. She has published seven autobiographies, three books of essay, and several books of poetry, and is credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning more than fifty years. Born in St. Louis MO, April 4th and still alive, Maya has married thrice, has had one child, and been awarded the presidential medal of freedom! although it seems Maya has had a happy go lucky life, her early childhood wasn't as great. when she was eight, Maya was raped by her mothers boyfriend Mr. Freeman. she told her brother who told their family and Mr. Freeman was sentenced a day in jail. when he got out of jail he was murdered and Maya went mute thinking her words got him killed. fortunately, her teacher Ms. Flowers, helped her speak again and introduced her to poetry and some of its greatest poets.

a. How does the poem relate to your everyday experience? (That is, how does the theme relate to your life or the life of those you know?)
I can relate to this poem by my regular life and my surroundings. There are americans that think of them like gods and that they are superior than all of us. They beat us and hurt us, but only in the inside does it hurt.
b. Why did you choose this poem?

I chose the poem because I felt like I connected to it. It meant a lot to me. I can relate to this poem by my real life and can feel what the speaker feels about peoples rights.
a. What is the theme and situation of the poem?
Everything is internal. You only feel things in side of you, no one else can feel it. Like love and death and hell is inside. No one else in your surroundings can feel it.
b. What message is the speaker trying to convey?
people may hurt you ,kill you and even hate you but it is all inside that matters.
c. What kind of mood or tone describes the poem?
I think the mood would be sad and depressing.Tone would be sad and justified in her feelings.
d. Is the mood/tone affected or determined by the poetic devices the author uses?
Yes, because of the type of words she uses it makes the reader imagine it and feel it the pain and suffering one feels.
e. Is the speaker first person or third?
f. Why do you think the author chose such a narrator?
to add affection and passion to the poem.
a. Is the poem written in free verse or is there a pattern?
free verse
b. If there is a pattern, what is it (rhyme scheme and meter, if free verse, state this)?
free verse
c. In your opinion, what overall effect does the pattern have on the poem?
it has no pattern
d. What other poetic devices does the poet use?
Repetition, metaphor, alliteration, and imagery
e. What purpose do they serve?
to show the meaning of the meaning of each stanza of the poem. To go more in depth
f. What do they accomplish in the poem?
It makes you feel what the speaker is going through. it can make you understand why she wrote it , and find the true meaning and purpose of the poem.

We’re kind to people, and welcome them
but they’re trying to kill our souls

but these people are spreading likes
and that makes us feel weak, dead, tortured

We love,
but these people don’t want to touch us with their own naked hands.
But that shouldn’t matter because
Because love comes from inside.
The One and Only

Maya Angelou
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