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Real Time Dashboard

No description

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Real Time Dashboard

copy & paste
access rights
HRIS Reporting
Real Time Dashboard
Saving $
Support business with useful data - give valuable insights into KPI's
Simple and communicates easily
Applies visual perceptions
Customized, align with internal requirements
what this involve:
DL / IDL ratio
PTO + holiday info
Hired / terminated employees
Introduction II.
standard and regular reports
Introduction I.
can be extended to other sites
Requires continuous and disciplined update:

Seawork (refresh time is every Monday at 13 pm)
thanks for your attention
HRIS team:
Nagy Krisztina
Jenőfi Gábor
Tóth-Szabó Nóra
Gálos-Rozmán Borbála


Business Unit
HR Generalist

Medical S.
client group
Manual data processing
critical factors
1. HR reporting current vs. dashboard - using 7 steps
2. Client group
3. Access rights
4. $
5. Further opportunities - copy & paste
6. Critical factors
Segregate Abnormal / Normal

measuring or defining the current process using value stream mapping

Define Scope of the process
Combine Normal Process

Access the current VSM and identify opportunities
Analyze value of each activity and look improvement opportunity
Simplify Process

Create plan to implement the desired state
Eliminate Abnormal

Non-value add
Draw the current VSM

Review Normal Process

Create Future date VSM
Mapped the improved process - future state

Implement the plan
7 Steps of Kaizen
Best Show Time
Make it Faster & Easier

Review results and Improve
Continuously improve the process by challenging current status

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