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Renaissance Unit Vocabulary

Vocabulary words for 7th grade Social Studies, Renaissance Unit.

Jennifer Parrett

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance Unit Vocabulary

Foundation City-State:
city that is their own nation Renaissance:

a time period of great humanistic inspiration in all art forms Classical Art:
art of ancient Rome and Greece Renaissance Unit Individualism:

the importance of the individual secular:

worldly not religious Patronage:
complete financial support for an artist in return for masterworks Vocabulary Humanism:

philosophy emphasizing human
being's great abilities Perspective:
artistic technique with a vanishing point Chateaux:
French word for castles
Ruler of Venice during Renaissance times Sonnet:
special type of poetry Shakespeare used a lot Printing Press:
machine that reproduces type or engraved blocks Vernacular:
everyday language, slang Republic:
form of government where the people vote for representatives to govern Currency:
money used by a country Humanities:
study of history, literature, religion and cultures
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