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Ninja's in the Building

No description

michelle matteini

on 29 February 2012

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Transcript of Ninja's in the Building

Ninjas Ninja in Movies Ninja Assassin

Having brought up the topic, the ninja clan is now after her as well as Rain who became a fugitive of sorts. The movie is about a boy Raizo, played by the (beautiful) Rain who is raised by the Ozunu Clan to become a lethal weapon or ninja. After the brutal training, a new successor to the clan was to be chosen. Rain, the hopeful, began to resent the clan after the death of a close friend of his.
In the movie at first there comes a case that seems slightly mysterious, and one particular girl Mika, played by Naomi Harris dives into the myth of ninjas which she thinks is the only explanation.
Ninja Training According to Hollwood Ninjas in Video Games Ninjas have had a prominent role in videogames due to the fact that they're stealthy, deadly, and also ninjas.
the future with nanotechnoly ninjas (Metal Gear Rising) being extremely bad-ass in fighting games (Dead or Alive/Soul Calibur) dealing justice Ninja-style in modern times (Ninja Gaiden) super stealthy assassinations (Tenchu) Videogame ninjas are involved in a range of awesome things such as... History Myths Ninja in Comics

Ninjas appear in all types of comics, humurous, dramatic, historic, romantic. They can the protagonist or antogonist, or in some cases everyone in the entire story is a ninja. ...not necessarily a good one. American Comics This prezi is, so. well. done. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deadpool Ninjas in Manga nabari no ou Many, many years ago, a ninja named Kagetora devoted his life to protecting Princess Beni (”Beni-Hime”). Unfortunately, they were attacked and Kagetora was flung into a lake, and sank to the bottom… And is somehow warped to the future where he sees the princess Beni being kidnapped.
Little does Kagetora know that Beni is not the real princess, but rather her descendant. Beni, on the other hand, thought that Kagetora was just a cosplayer. Beni, the daughter of a rich man has already been kidnapped a hundred times already... But fear not because Kagetora is here. Will Kagetora be able to go back to the past, or will he remain by Beni’s side forever? Becoming a ninja is just a childhood dream for sixteen-year-old Recca, until a fateful encounter reveals he has inherited ninja powers, including the ability to wield fire! As Recca learns to master the ancient ways of his ancestors, he is drawn to protect a mysterious girl named Yanagi... Set in the modern age, the story is about Miharu Rokujou, who just wanted to live a normal life and inherit an Okonomiyaki restaurant. At the moment, his biggest problem was the constant pestering from Kouichi Aizawa and Durandal Thobari Kumohira, who started a Nindō (忍道?, lit. "Way of the Ninja") Club. Miharu wanted nothing to do with "ninjas" and turns them down every time. But soon, he is attacked by an actual group of ninjas and is protected by Kouichi and Kumohira. There, Miharu learns of the hidden ninja world Nabari, the roles of his classmate and teacher in that world, and of the secret art Shinra Banshou (森羅万象 Shinrabanshō?, lit. "all things in nature") within him. The secret art, containing all the world's knowledge, is sorely coveted in Nabari. And because of that, Miharu cannot return to his normal life. He must become the "Ruler of Nabari" to survive.
The Iga clan and the Kouga clan have been sworn enemies for more than four hundred years. Only the Hanzo Hattori truce has kept the two families from all-out war. Now, under the order of Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa, the truce has finally been dissolved. Ten ninja from each clan must fight to the death in order to determine who will be the next Tokugawa Shogun. The surviving clan will rule for the next thousand years.

But not all the clan members are in agreement. Oboro of the Iga clan and Gennosuke of the Kouga clan have fallen deeply in love. Now these star-crossed lovers have been pitted against each other. Can their romance conquer a centuries-old rivalry? Or is their love destined to end in death? Ninjas Are Mythical ninjas and the arts that they learnt date back to over eight hundred years ago.
Over time the ninjas were used as spies, bodyguards (right up to the last emperor), and assassins for hire. Ninjas Wore Masks
A ninja wearing a mask is no different to a soldier wearing camouflage paint. It depends entirely on the environment and the need for hiding. This, of course, is true also of black clothing. Shuriken: killer stars Myth: Shuriken (throwing stars) are used to kill at a distance

In fact, shuriken are used as a secondary weapons – either to slash or stab. When they are thrown it is normally to cause a distraction Myth: Ninjas wore masks when fighting and black clothes; it is their uniform.

In fact, it means the art of stealth and perseverance – it is about the strategy and tactics of fighting. The actual moves are from a variety of different martial art disciplines. In the most common and most authentic version of Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu), over eighteen disciplines form the main basis of training Myth: Ninjutsu refers to fighting methods
Ninjutsu – the name Hira-shuriken (the famous ninja star) which were originally household items (such as washers and coins that were used to distract and were not usually sharp)
Ans Bo-shuriken which are straight spikes up to 21cm in length. These were also originally household items (as were most Ninja weapons) such as chopsticks or hairpins. Their origins certainly makes it clear that these were not intended as killing weapons. Happy White Day!!! In Japan, Valentine's Day is when girls present chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), to a male, as an expression of love, courtesy or social obligation.

Sometimes the term sanbai gaeshi (literally, "triple the return") is used to describe the generally recited rule that the return gift should be two to three times the cost of the Valentine's gift. Traditionally, popular White Day gifts are cookies, jewellery, white chocolate, white lingerie and marshmallows.
On White Day, the converse happens: males who received a love chocolate or courtesy chocolate on Valentine's Day are expected to return the favor by giving gifts, usually more expensive.
Ninjas, also called shinobi
-feudal Japan
-engaged in fighting and espionage
-they developed against the samauri code, bushido
-bushido restricted the samauri warriors from fighting in ways that were dishonorable
-the ninjas did things a samauri was incapable of doing because of their strict code of honor
-such as spying, assasinating by stealth, using poison
-people hired ninjas to do the dirty work that samauri couldn't
-By hiring a ninja, a warlord could have an enemy assasinated or spied on without damaging the honor of his samauri. Ninjas Today Ninja Warrior The qualifying round consists of over 300 competitors, running an obstacle course strongly influnced by Sasuke's first stage. The course consists of the Quintuple Step, a Rope Swing, the Jumping Spider, a modified version of the pipe slider, and a much smaller Warped Wall. The preliminaries used a leader board, and the 30 fastest times moved on to the semi-finals, which included the preliminary course plus three obstacles, the Tarzan Jump, the Jumping Bars, and a Net Climb.
American Ninja Warrior aired only the American finalists during the Sasuke obstacle course. History Myths Rules for Ninja

The Beginning.

Everyone standing in a close circle

Standing with hands together

Bow and jump back (start of game)

The Game

One person starts with the attack

He/she may attack the person directly next time him/her (on either side)

The next person in the circle (in the clockwise direct) attacks next

The Game-Moving

You are not allowed to move unless you are striking or dodging

When you strike/dodge, you can only make one, fluid motion

You must stay in whatever stance you are in after the attack/dodge

The Game-Attacking

To eliminate the competition, you must strike the person’s hand (any other part of the arm doesn’t count).


The game is over when all but one player has been eliminated. Ninja Game Ready? Fight!
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