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LCM X Time

No description

K k

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of LCM X Time

Double click anywhere & add an idea New Recruitment

12.04-24.04 INFOTUNNID 22. aprill (neljapäev) TTÜ ruum III-311

16:00 21. aprill (kolmapäev) TLÜ ruum M-226

18:00 www.praktikale.org REGISTREERI! ...juba täna! Mine suveks palmi alla :) The almighty team that can help your problems! OGX EMERGENCY CALL TEAM Marike Rammel The BOSS

Jana Šubitidze Meelis Kivinurm Angeelika Lipp MEEE! :D Kadri Kõvask Sandra Metsis Sunshine of the day! I think this one talks for itself... :D :) IT-guru Arto Vaas Extra-emergency-boy Veiko Soomets

Profession: EP MEET... Do not hesitate to contact us, when: You are feeling lonesome... Can not decide what to do in the summer...? Damn AIESEC mynet Exchange menue does not agree with you?! You have had enough from this sucky weather...looking for 24/7 palm beach with sunshine! Anything else, that:

is connected with going abroad,
EP stuff,
OGX work,
X menue/myaiesec.net,
increasing X numbers :D,
and so on. Nope..this is not the end of this presentation...I HAVE GOT SOME MORE :P
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