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Plot Diagram Of "The Most Dangerous Game"

No description

Tate Clemons

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Plot Diagram Of "The Most Dangerous Game"

The exposition Is when Rainsford and Whitney were on the boat on there way to a hunting trip
Plot Diagram Of "The Most Dangerous Game"
Rising Action
Falling action
Rising Action 1
The first part of the rising action is when Rainsford heard gunshots on the island
Rising action 2
The secind part of the rising action is wen he fell off the boat and had to swim to the island
Rising Action 3
The third part of the rising action is when he found the chatau in the middle of the jungle
Rising Action 4
The fourth part of the rising action is when Rainsford found out the general hunts people
Rising Action 5
The fifth part of the rising action is when Rainsford is released in the forest to be hunted
The climax is when the general is about to find rainsford after killing ivan, and he jumps out of the tree.
Falling Action
The falling action is when the general goes back to his bedroom to find Rainsford hiding there
The resolution is when the general admitted Rainsford won and Raisford killed the general
Rising Action 1
The Protagonist is Rainsford. The Antagonist is the General. I think this because Its in Rainsford's point of view, and it shows the general as evil
The main conflict of the stoy was that Zaroff was trying to kill rainsford
Point of View
The story is set in First person view, because Rainsford was telling the story. Ex: "I cant believe you're serious general" "Why should i not be serious? I am speaking of hunting."-pg. 19
I think the theme of the story is that you shouldn'ttrust people you just met
Persuasive paragraph
I think the most dangerous game should be continued to be read. I think this for many reasons. One reason is because its a good story to make predictions on. It's also a good story to teach about dialogue. It's also a good story to read
I think the most significant dialogue is on page 1 and is:“The old charts call it Ship-Trap Island,” Whitney replied. “A suggestive name, isn’t it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don’t know why. Some superstition”
because it introduces Ship-Trap island, the main setting.
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