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Magnets and springs

No description

Lucy John

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Magnets and springs

Magnets and Springs Key Words Attract When a magnet pulls something magnetic towards it. Magnetism An invisible push or pull that works between some materials Repel When a magnet pushes something away from it Magnetic A material that is attracted to a magnet Non-magnetic When a material is not attracted to a magnet Poles Magnets have two poles - North (Red) and South (blue). Can you think of any other poles? Spring There are lots of different types of springs. Not all of them look like this... Elastic A spring creates a force when pressure is applied. An elastic band can also be used as a spring We will be doing some experiments using magnets and springs and it is important we can use the correct words. Your Task... We are going to make a key words mobile.

First you must cut out your spiral
Cut out the explanations and write the word on the back
Stick the keywords on the spiral
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