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Tennyson: Today's lesson

No description

laurie tallack

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Tennyson: Today's lesson

Tennyson (2) Tithonus
Ulysses (five min task):
How does the metre of the first four lines reflect the mood at the start of the poem? Written answer please.

Tithonus 2:
lines 50 - 63:

There are trochees and spondees in these lines - can you see them?

1: Quick questions on Ulysses and Tithonus

2: Tithonus - detailed notes and question task

3: Practice exam questions in groups - planning
Consider the above effect in the opening four lines of Tithonus? written answer
'Bread bin' is an example of what?

'Intervene' is an example of what?

Line 55 'Changed with thy mystic change'
The word 'Changed' counts for two beats and has the masculine syllable on the first beat - trochaic
Links to Enduring Love/The Road?

First person - emotionally distraught

Homodiegetic - unreliable

Genre of mythical tragedy, not thriller

Unrequited love for Eos/Aurora

Love for Hallam/Love for Joe

Look again at Tithonus and write about
Tennyson's narrative methods
How far do you think that Tithonus is just
an exploration of the impulse to suicide?
Look again at Tithonus and write about
Tennyson's narrative methods
How far do you think that Tithonus is just
an exploration of the impulse to suicide?
Potential exam - 2 hours
Section A (two questions)
Section B (one question)
Section A:
Now turn to the Zigzag Tithonus
worksheet and complete as best you can.

We will then return to a potential exam question to see if you are reasonably prepared.
Enduring Love:

First person, homodiegetic, unreliable
Starts with climax
Chapters end with cliffhangers
Different perspectives but really Joe
Starts to act instinctively

Also first person, emotionally involved
Unreliable (but so what)

Rhetorical questions similar to Jed's rhetorical questions (Chapter 16).

Unrequited love of Jed.
The Road:

Third person - omniscient
Short, descriptive - relentless pressure
Very little dialogue - short interchanges
Unlike the 'heroic' style of Tennyson - brutal, sharp.
the everlasting suffering of Tithonus

Group task - two questions:

Part A - your plan - ten mins

Part B - your plan - ten mins

Tithonus narrative points:

First person, dramatic monologue.
Relentless sense of everlasting torment
Blank verse
Inverted syntax on line 5 - stress on 'Me'
Enjambment on line 5


The sort of questions to expect:
Iamb - alternately stressed beats
starts on second syllable

Trochee - also alternate, but starts
on first syllable


Narrative technique

Worksheet group activity

Application to exam question


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