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Book 21- Will S. and Boyd W.

Book 21 of the Odyssey.

Will Sharp

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Book 21- Will S. and Boyd W.

Book 21 Suitors are ravaging Odysseus'
home town. Oddyseus is away and these suitors
have come in and invaded his hometown.
Everyone is hoping he is not dead and will
hopefully return and save them. Penelope Oddyseus' wife, left behind trying to handle the suitors. The bow and axe idea was put into her head by Athena. Bow and Axe Plan put in the head of Penelope
by the godess Athena. It would have
anyone of the suitors to try to string
Odysseus' bow and send an arrow
through the holes in the axe arrows.
The winner would have Penelope and
all of Odysseus' riches. Telemachus Penelope's son. Tried to string the bow
so his mother would not have to marry
one of the suitors but could not. Eumaeus and Philoetius Two servants of Odysseus' household. Odysseus comes to them in disguise and makes sure they are loyal to him and then tells him he is Odysseus, by the battle scar on his foot. Then they help him to get the bow and defeat the suitors. Worry Now the suitors are getting kind of worried.
None of them so far can string the bow and
now they have a swine herder and a begger,
who is Odysseus in disguise, wanting to try the bow.
So, worried that he might string the bow they
take a break to offer sacrifices to Apollo, god of archery. Antinous Somewhat the ringleader of the suitors. It was his idea to adjourn to offer scrifices to Apollo. Change of Plans Now, Oddyseus who is still in disguise
continues to ask for the bow. Antinous
refuses in fear fo him stringing it. Then
Telemachus takes control in place of
Antinous and orders Eumaeus to give
Oddyseus the bow. Oddyseus Triumphant! Once Eumaeus gives Oddyseus the bow
he looks it over really good to make sure
it has no damage to it and strings it as easy
as man stringing his new Lyre. Then he sends
an arrow through all 12 axe handles. 1. Who does Oddyseus trust to help him
defeat the suitors? Father Zeus and any other god so willing.
He also puts a lot of trust in Telemachus
to give him the bow. 2. Why don't the men want to let Oddyseus
to try to string the bow? He is just a stock herder. They were afraid that he would string the bow and then they would go back home disgraced because a measly stock herder could string the bow that none of the mighty warriors could. 3. How does Oddyseus prove his true identity? He takes the bow and strings it as easily as a man stringing his lyre, then he sent an arrow through the handle holes of the axes.
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