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bisi salawe

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Apple

With Apple some teams will work together continuously,frequently and ongoing.
They establish their roles through the amount of time they spend together.

In apple a formal team would work for a specific purpose.
Also in formal teams, group members would have specific roles. Eg The chair, The shaper, The plant etc...

In Apple an informal team develops in a less structured way.
It is easier for them to share information because they feel comfortable around each other.

Size of Teams
In apple the size of groups can be varied according to the task and have a big influence on how the task is carried out.
Apple will make sure that there is an appropriate mix of individuals for the team skills, the task being completed, time frame for decisions.

Apple employees may be setup in a temporary team for a short period to complete a set task or tasks, Eg fixing certain technical bugs and glitches.
They come together to settle on a plan and then split when the task has been completed.

Developing teams in business

Benefits of teams
Teamwork is very important in apple as creativity, productivity and effectiveness all go into creating new products,
This is vital so that Apple can stay ahead of their competition, by creating innovative new products as their customers are always looking for improvements.
Target setting + monitoring
In Apple the team leader will play a very important role in setting ambitious and achievable targets, monitoring can then occur to ensure that such targets are being met by having monthly or quarterly performance reviews with their team leader who will then review and set new targets,
Apple makes sure that no employee feels alienated, being alienated can occur from being part of a large organization.
Everyone has a specific part to play within a team and this encourages motivation.
Reduction of alienation
Apple ensures that their teamwork encourages innovation as group members are specifically encouraged to be as creative as possible and bring any ideas, no matter how far fetched, to the table.
The company knows that the employees ideas are exciting so this means that other team members will be enthusiastic about it
Fostering innovation
Sharing expertise is vital within Apple, as team members can share their knowledge and contribute their ideas
The range of skills brought to the table by team members, will be crucial in the overall performance of the group.
Sharing expertise
Implementing change
Implementing change is crucial; to the success of Apple and how they are perceived by the public.
Customers are always looking at the changes and new features whenever the new Iphone is released
Identifying and developing talent
Identifying and developing talent can give a business such as Apple a distinct advantage over their competitors.
Making sure that talent is identified and developed is a must for Apple in order for their employees to work at their highest potential and for Apple to overcome the competition.
Explain how are teams built
Teamwork is a key feature of a successful organization which Apple has incorporated into their business.
Team building begins with recruiting the right mix of people and then coaching and mentoring them to create a high-performance team.
Within Apple one of the main responsibilities of managing and supervising people at work is taking control of the new people into the business and keeping those who are already there.
The recruitment process that Apple uses, identifies the skills and competences that are needed in the new recruits.
Induction and Training
An induction programme is a series of activities that are made to present new employees to the organization, the members and its working patterns.
With Apple their induction period is the time when the new employees are bought to meet their team.
Coaching and mentoring
With Apple when they hire a new employee, they need to both coach and mentor them.
The organization will have an experienced person helping a inexperienced person to gain more experience, and become more effective for the business.
Apple makes motivation an important part of supervising and taking care of the team members.
Motivation involves making sure that everyone feels apart of the team, and that they are receiving the right training and development opportunities to bring to the table to help the team.
Apple uses mentoring and coaching to encourage their employees and provide targets for them to achieve that are manageable, rewarding and motivating.
Team Knowledge
Team selection involves finding potential team member with a specific contribution to make to the team, looking at Apple with their selection.
The managers at Apple make sure that they have an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, the managers would have an understanding of Belbin's roles, this helps in the process of selecting team members.
Having leadership skills are important. Within Apple their leaders get things done and they make change happen, they also give direction to others and help them to follow a chosen path.
An important difference is often made between management and leadership. Management involves making sure that various tasks are completed out well and that resources are used efficiently.
Leadership styles
A leadership style is the way in which a person tries to lead other people over a specific amount of time.
Their style is their chosen way and will be the outcome of the way others see them and react to them.
Autocratic leaders
Autocratic leaders give instructions that they expect other people to do, this type of leadership may work in situations where employees need to have clear instructions and where the leader has a good amount of knowledge.
Democratic Leaders
With this type of leadership, democratic leaders like to listen to the points of view from the people that they work with, they like to gather everyone's thoughts and ideas before they make a decision.
Participative leaders
In apple the participative leaders are the ones who encourage the employees to take part in the decision making, they will give out responsibilities for certain tasks and encourage subordinates to come up with ideas for any changes that they have in mind.
Laissez-Faire leader
A laissez-faire leader would prefer to leave the decision making to other people, while they do nothing, there are advantages and disadvantages to this type of leadership.
Employees could find that their leader is encouraging them to think for themselves, while other employees could feel that their leader is not doing anything and is putting all the work on their shoulders.
Impact of different leadership styles
Depending on the type of leadership, they all have their impacts on the business and the employees. The main factors to look at when hiring a new leader is:
The preferred management style of the leader you are hiring
The preferred leadership style the employees are used
The situation in which the team is working.
Adapting leadership style according to situation
Sometimes their is the possibility of Apple using a autocratic or democratic style depending on the situation that management is in, if it is favorable or unfavorable. A favorable situation could consist of :
The leader is favored and trusted by members of the team
The task is well defined
The power of the leader is at the top

How teams develop -
Team Roles
Dr. Meredith Belbin came up with ways of of how people behave when they are put into syndicates or teams. The eight major roles are:
The chair
The shaper
The plant
The monitor-evaluator
The resource-investigator
The company worker
The team worker
The finisher
Team development
Within Apple staff development is an important role for their team leaders and supervisory managers. Tuckman's study of the development of teams is helpful in presenting how groups can be developed. The four stages he identified are:
Supporting Team Members
Team leaders have a vital role when it comes to building team morale, within Apple the team leaders achieve this by supporting and encouraging their team members.
Understanding Weaknesses and sensitivities
Good team leaders understand the strengths and the weaknesses of their team members.
In Apple some team members are good at coming up with new ideas, while others may find it difficult and be better within the process side of things, this is how the team leader makes his team members feel comfortable within the team.

Team performance
Apple places a strong emphasis on performance. The four main ways of measuring team performance are:
Individual's contribution to the team
Individual results from teamwork
Team performance
Team results
Performance indicators
In Apple the business likes to create performance indicators, this helps to measure the extent to which an individual or team meets targets.
This is a motivation technique which makes the employees focused on a specific task.
Apple uses this by making their employees meet a special sales target which will give them a higher motivation to get the work done and benefit the company.
Target Setting
This is when an employer is supervising a special employee which need help in progressing, they will ensure that they are on the right track and meeting their targets.
Apple supervises their employers to make them the best and make sure they always meet their performance targets.
During the evaluation, the supervisor should clearly communicate what is expected of the employee and provide him with an assessment of his current performance so that he can understand the areas he should improve in.
Apple uses this to improve the performance of their employees and also it increases the job satisfaction of the employees therefore make them more loyal and always alert.
This enhances the effectiveness of work groups by improving the workers motivation and they will like what they do for the business.
Is very important to motivate the workers because the business will benefit greatly from it.
Support and development of team members
Explain how team cohesion can be managed Team Goals –

Team goals are objectives that a group of people work towards in order to reach their goal; in this presentation, everyone has a piece of work to do in order to achieve one of the pass criteria for this assignment.

Group conflict possible and actual
Group conflicts can happen as not everyone has the same views and therefore want to make their word stand, but that not always be possible; a team leader will have the final say on how things are going to be done.
In order to avoid potential conflicts, everyone can just come to a “half way” decision in order to make everyone happy to a certain extent.

recognition of contribution
Group cohesion means that the group works together; if everyone acknowledges that everyone contributed a significant part to the project the group will continue to work harder to accomplish further goals.

Team leadership
There are various types of leadership, the qualities of a leader normally stand out more the others, a good leader will have a strong type of leadership so when arguments arise the leader can always end it by deciding to do what they want;
a weak leader will probably encourage the argument more by saying other ideas and if none are liked, as he/she is a weak leader, the workers will have no respect towards the leader and will then argue even more.

Leadership qualities
In Apple leaders may possibly have certain personalities or traits and also physical appearances. For instance research shows leaders;
Mostly have a self-motivated and self-confident personality in Apple
Are beyond normal intelligence without being vivid

Charles Handy also put forward that leaders are able seeing the situation as of above other than getting all tangled up within the minor details.
Power and authority
A difference is every so often drawn among power as well as authority.
In Apple power contains the capability of force over decisions.
Authority consists of having a legitimate right when making decisions.
Types of power
Charismatic power

A single individual will have charismatic power due to their personality. For instance Barack Obama has a great amount of charisma.
The reason for this is because people pay attention and listen to him since they’re influenced by his strong personality, also because he motivates others.
In Apple this type of control is based on the leaders approved title as well as the legal power which goes along with it. Steve Jobs has legitimate power as of the CEO of the company - Apple. He can set deadlines to all of the employees.
The employees will fulfill this even if they’re aware that deadlines were too ambitious. Apple has founders that put their legitimate power to use in influencing individuals in Apple to work over-time in order to help Apple to survive.
Legitimate power
In Apple this type of power includes having great levels of abilities and knowledge. An example of this would be when a decision is made within Apple’s head office regarding spending money in order re-locate staff due to being short of staff.
The opinions of Apple’s accountant will be paid attention to. They’ve got expert power which is based on their understanding of the financial circumstances regarding the Store - Apple.
Expert power
In Apple leaders have substantial powers once they’re capable of rewarding participants of their team. They’ve got the ‘carrot’ - being capable in rewarding those who are doing well, also the ‘stick’ – which is being capable in taking rewards away as of the those members of staff in Apple that choice to step out of line.
Reward power
In Apple this type of control stems from the abilities of being able in forcing someone to do something. For instance, an example of coercive power is bullying in workplace within Apple.
Coercive power
In Apple leadership takes authority along with it in order to make decisions, given that it’s backed up with suitable bases of power.
As of a team leader in Apple your team expects you to be performing the role of a leadership.
Your capability of carrying out a leadership role will depend on the type of power you use and also how eager the members of the team are in accepting this specific power.
Authority and responsibility
Team, task and individual needs in Apple:
-Attaining the task
-Managing the team
-Handling the individual
In order to accomplish the task the following in Apple needs to be done:
Clearly describe the task which needs to be carried out
Explain what means and people are wanted in order of completing the task
Make a plan to accomplish the task
Establish the person accountable for what and when
Set the values which are required to be met
By managing the team in Apple they’ll need to;

Approve and converse expected presentation values to the team
Set out the method in which the team will need to use
Anticipate as well as resolve struggles which could possibly occur
Grow a teamwork attitude
Approve the team roles
Classify the training requirements of the team members
Give feedback to the team members on their performance
Handling the individual members of the team in Apple includes;

* In Apple team leaders treat per person such as an individual

* Comprehend the abilities, requirements, personality and also fears

* Help and give support

* Set the individual members of the team goals to achieve

* Assist the individuals in making a personal plan, one that’s appropriate for the team strategy

* Identify and praise the attainments of the team members

* Offer opportunities in training for the individual members of the team.
Personal forces

In Apple the personal forces include the leader’s personal background, confidence, personality and also preference aimed at a leadership style
Model of different leadership styles in Apple
In Apple the characteristics of others involved in the decision includes the assistant’s background, confidence, personality, as well as a preferred leadership style, and also the willingness of the assistants to take responsibility in Apple.
Characteristics of others involved in the decision
In Apple the situation includes the usual patterns of the behaviors within the business, the nature of the choice that has to be made, the time attainable in order to make the choices, and also the existing methods of working.
The situation
In Apple a selling, is a type of style is best when assistants are just reasonably prepared in taking responsibility by themselves.
This method offers both direction regarding what to do and also support towards those which are not willing or either unable in taking responsibility.
A selling
In Apple a testing is a type of style includes permitting assistants in trying out the decision making processes for their selves.
The leader might test out new ideas on assistants ensuring that they’re encouraged, in order to make them begin taking both ownership and also responsibility.
A testing
A consulting in Apple is a type of style includes giving additional freedom to the assistants in to come up with decisions.
Consulting is best whenever there’s a fair quantity of willingness amongst assistants in both carrying out and also making choices for themselves.
A consulting
An empowering style in Apple is a type of style is on the democratic end of the scale.
The leader doesn’t use authority above others.
This’ll be the case within a team which is self-managing, so each individual consumes a main contribution to the process of decision-making
An empowering style
The Chair- The chair coordinates the team to maintain their efforts and ensures all of the resources are used effectively to achieve the specific goal.
The Shaper- The shaper sets the objectives and the guidelines that the team need to follow in order to complete the task.
The Plant- The plant is the creative ideas person. Who is always brainstorming and coming up with new, creative ideas.
The Monitor/Evaluator- The monitor/evaluator is observant and analytical, they can easily analyse problems and evaluate the progression of the group.
The different team roles
The Resource/Investigator- The resource/investigator is sociable and good at making outside contacts and reporting new developments that may be outside the organisation.
The Company Worker- The company worker is practical, loyal and task orientated.
The Team Worker- The team worker is caring and peoples person. They keep the team together and they improve the communications within the team.
The Finisher- The finisher maintains momentum and ensures the completion of the task.
How do the team roles compliment each other in a task
Team members have to be complementary to each other to have a successful and productive team.
Each team role is given a specific job, a role and a responsibility that they have to bring to the team.
This way the responsibilities are divided amongst each member. This is done so that no one member is doing all of the work or is carrying more than one task that may be difficult to handle and yield information on.
Each team role is linked to one another, the information gathered by one team member may be beneficial and informative to another team member that is conducting their research for the given task.
Each team member has a vital role that is needed to bring to the group.
All of the roles serve their own purpose in the team in order for it to be an effective team/group
They all bring something to the group that another member does not have or is lacking in.
This way the workload is divided amongst all the members of the team and each member will be able to work more effectively because they are focused on one specific role.

How Do The Team Roles Lead To Effective Teams
Apples strategic aims and objectives are to be the leading dominant technology brand in the world.
To invent products that will be useful, handy, sleek and that will appeal to consumers all over the world
They want to become the number one company in the world.
High achieving teams are the very reason why Apple is able to accomplish their strategic aims and objectives.
Each of the team roles bring what they need to and research what they need to in order for Apple to meet and accomplish the strategic aims and objectives of the business.

How do high achieving teams contribute to accomplishing the strategic aims and objectives of the business
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