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No description

Ayla Gundogdu

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Waitoreke

By: Ayla Gundogdu

More about Waitoreke
There are reports that describe the Waitoreke having small pop eyes and flat round ears.
The neck was hidden and had fur like a cat and short whiskers on its face.
Location: South Island
The Way out
This animal the Waitoreke was known from the South Island, New Zealand and by the Natives.
There were other kind of animals that looks like a Waitoreke like a beaver or a seal.
The Waitoreke also lives in higher elevations towards the southern part of the South Island.

The first sightings of a waitoreke was from logbook Captain Cook. When he went to Pickersgill Harbor in 1773 aboard the Resolution.
In his journal he wrote he saw a four-legged, cat sized animal with short legs, yellowish brown colored fur seen on shore.
One of the mariners who saw the animal described it having a similar jackal-like form, but with a bushy tail.
When Cook told and described his sightings about this animal to naturalists they said that it could have been some of type of a fox or another kinda animal.
More history about a Waitoreke
The habitat of a waitoreke is mostly connected with water. It has been seen in it or next to it.
The waitoreke is compared to lots of animals that have the form and qualities like a beaver, otter, or a pinnipeds.
Animals that look like a waitoreke
More look alikes:
Fur seal
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