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The Dengue Vaccine

No description

Molly Ward

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Dengue Vaccine

Developer Vaccine Trial Stage
Sanofi Pasteur Live attenuated Phase IIb
chimera candidate
Sanofi Pasteur/Acambis
Hawaii biotech Recombinant envelope Phase I
Inviragen/US CDC Dengue-dengue chimera Phase I

NIH & licensees: Dengue-dengue chimera Phase I
Butantan/Panacea/ with gene deletion
Biological E/Vabiotech

GlaxoSmithKline/ Traditional live-attenuated Phase II clinical trial (completed)
WRAIR candidate

Biological Obstacles source: PDVI News No 6 Dec 2009 Yellow Fever & Dengue: Understanding the Obstacles changes in epidemiology vaccination coverage No animal model Pathogenesis No antivirals or vector control costs and pricing
country incorpoation source: www.who.int/topics/dengue/en/ source: www.who.int/topics/dengue/en/ source: www.who.int/topics/dengue/en/
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