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Haverling High School Freshmen Orientation

No description

Stephanie Turner

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Haverling High School Freshmen Orientation

High School Schedule
-Bring a Positive Attitude Everyday
Be to class on time, prepared and ready to learn
- Being present and attending school regularly is a major part of your success in high school

-Commit to arriving to school and to each class on time

- Excessive lateness to school can result in after school detention
Class of 2021
& New Students

Graduation Requirements
Earn 22 Credits

class is for a credit!
- Need 22 credits to
- If you
a class, you must take
it again in until you pass
Tools for Success
-Get Involved
* In class participation
*After- School extracurricular activities, sports, club and community involvement promote personal growth, better school experiences and are VERY important when aplying to college or jobs.
-Be Comitted to YOUR Education
*Understand the importance of your education to your future
*Set goals and believe in your ability to accomplish them
*Come to class prepared, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, Participate in class,
- Ask for Help
* There are resources available for all of your needs... don't be afraid to ask!
*Seek assistance early, especially with your academics, to avoid further dificulties.
*Your administrator, counselor,
and teachers are all here to help
you succeed.
Building Security
Sample Schedule
Block Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

1 Algebra Algebra Algebra Algebra

2 Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish

3 Earth Sc. Earth Sc. Phys Ed Earth Sc.

4 Band/ Lunch/ Advise./ Lunch/
Lunch Choir Lunch Advise.
5 English English English English

6 Block 6 is for Extra Help, Detention, etc

-Seek Help and ASK Questions!
We are here to help you be SUCCESSFUL!!
Technology Director - MR. SMITH
Help Desk Assitance- MRS. SWEET

-Student Computers: Students are responsible for assigned devices (including loss/damage)

-Acceptable Use Policy: Complete policy available online for reviews

-Students should be using computers for EDUCATIONAL purposes

-Computers should be taken to each class

-Computers should be taken home and charged EACH Night!

Technology Info
Office ext. 2100
Guidance ext. 2310
Nurse ext. 2500


Lockers and Classrooms
First Floor:
300 Classrooms & 3000 Lockers
Second Floor:
400 Classrooms & 4000 Lockers

Like us on Facebook
Mr. Siebert
Dean of Students
Mrs. Gerych
Mrs. Oest
Guidance Counselors
MR. Recktenwald
Mrs. Wolfe
MR. Gallagher
Mrs. Gaudino
Guidance Office
Deputy Peck
School Resource Officer
Students can't surpass the maximum # of allowed absences per course
Phys Ed- 3 blocks
Bi Elect- 6 blocks
Semester- 13 blocks
Full Year ACE/AP- 13 blocks
Regents Science- 20 blocks
Full Year Band/Choir- 26 blocks
If you aren't physically present in class it counts as an absence

School Sponsored Absences:
Field Trip
Band Lesson

Doors Open at 7am
First Bell at 7:20
Block 1 Bell is @ 7:30

Block 1 Bell
@ 7:30
Students need to be

Academic Study Hall
Block 6 Schedule
Required to Stay
Focus on providing
to get back on track
-Security Cameras in all hallways, cafeterias, gym, pool, & all exterior doors
-During the Day: Students MUST enter and exit through the front office
-All visitors must enter through the front office and will be asked to sign in
September 26th Open House
College Fair

6-7:30 in HS Gym

Acadmic All Stars- Mrs. Snavely
Art CLub- Ms. Wilcox
Chess Club- Mr. Hill
Drama Club- Mr. Love
French Club- Ms. Orfandis
Future Teachers- Mrs. Eichensehr
Project Care- Mrs. Armstrong
Rotary Interact- Mrs. Scott
Ski Club- Ms. Logsdon/Mrs. Neu
Spanish Club- Mr. Hy
Student Council- Mrs. Brewer/Mrs. Gerych
Weightlifting Club- Mr. Carroll/Mrs. Wolfe
Yearbook- Mr. Abrams/Ms. Logsdon
History Club- Mr. Bates/Mr. DiDomineck
Robotics Club- Mr. Wright/Mr. Keefer

9th- Mr. Young
10th- Mrs. Dickson/Mrs. Robbins
11th- Ms. Logsdon/Mrs. Smith
12th- Mrs. Hill

Watch for Sign Ups
Get Involved!!

- Regents Diploma
*65 or above on 5 REQUIRED Regents Exams

-Regents Diploma w/ Advanced Designation
*65 or above on 8 REQUIRED Regents exams +
regional Language exam
LOCAL Graduation Requirements
Two bi-elective classes: Focused on real life topics, career and college readiness
Community Service: 30 hours over 3 years (sophomore- senior year)
Who Do I Call

A specific Class- The Teacher first and then the Guidance Counselor

Your son/daughter's Guidance Counselor
*Reminder- Schedules can only be changed in the first 4 days of each semester
We highly encourage students to take challenging courses and dropped classes must be replaced with another class (no studyhalls added)

Behavior/Discipline Concerns:
The Classroom Teacher& then Mrs. Gerych
Attendance Concerns: Mrs. Gerych & Guidance Counselor
Many questions can be answered by visiting our webpage
Code of Conduct can be found online
Lunch/Food Services:
Mr. Greg Elliot OR
Mrs. Sherry Frail

Truancy Concerns/Legal Questions:
SRO Peck

1st-Individual Coach
Athletic Director:
Mr. Abrams
Technology/Computer Questions:
Mr. Smith
Make this a GREAT year!
Stay Connected:

Enroll in Parent Portal
Grades, Attendance , etc.
Class of 2021 located in the Technolgy Hall on the 1st Floor
Blocks are 77 minutes
As high schoolers we EXPECT students to act appropriately and maturely and understand that there are consequences for choices/actions that violate the Code of Conduct
Haverling High School
Do You Know?

Block 1 7:30-8:47
Block 2 8:52-10:09
Block 3 10:14-11:31
Block 4 11:36-12:52
Block 5 12:57-2:14
Block 6 2:20-3:00


Struggling in classes... having a difficulty with other friends or peers... feeling stressed?
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