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Teen Pregnancy Presentation

No description

Danielle Matej

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy Presentation

TEEN PREGNANCY Myths Clarifications You can't get
your first time You can't get
pregnant while
you're on your
period. If a guy drinks
moutain dew he
could lower his
sperm count low
enough to not get
a girl pregnant. Educating kids about
sex makes them
experiment more. You can get pregnant any time you have sex whether it is the first time or hundreth. Sperm stays in your body
for up to 7 days after sex
making it possible for you to get pregnant even while on your period. While moutain dew may have an effect on a man's sperm count, it has no effect on whether you will get pregnant or not. Educating kids about sex
has actually proven to reduce
their participation in risky behavior. How Do We
Fix This? EDUCATION! Preventing Teen Pregnancy Teachers Parents Educate their
children about
sex. Create an open environment for kids to discuss taboo topics. Don't be afraid
to teach them
methods of
prevention. Not only should
they advocate
abstienence, but
safe sex as well. Sex education goes
beyond just teaching prevention... They should educate
students about healthy
relationships as
well. Help give them the
information to make
the best decision for
their beliefs. Educational Resources Before you become sexually active, it's good to have a resource that will teach you the risks that come from it and precatutions that should be taken beforehand. Kids - http://www.thenationalcampaign.org/ The national Fatherhood Initiative increases and encourages committed fatherhood. Dads can look for tips and advice on being a good father. http://fatherhood.org/ For teens who are already pregnant, the National Crittenton Foundation offers tutoring, counseling and other support systems for young moms. - http://www.thenationalcrittentonfoundation.org/ becoming pregnant before the age of 19. symptoms nausea, fatigue, etc Statistics every 26 seconds another adolscent becomes pregnant every 56 seconds another adolescent gives birth aproximentaly 70% of all pregnant adolescents do not recieve adequate prenatal care 1/3 of teen moms drop out of school the children of adolescent mothers are at higher risk for becoming teen parents themselves Health Risks Mother may develop many emotional problems such as depression, shame guilt and stress risk of problems such as poor weight gain, premature labor and other complications pregnant teenagers are more likely to be undernourished and suffer premature or prolonged labor Baby low birth weight develpomental problems Consequences lack of a social life lack of proper parenting skills putting pressure on their parents to help Keelin Funk, Danielle Matej
Rebecca Mcloud
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