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Quotes on Bullying from Ender's Game

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Quotes on Bullying from Ender's Game

Quotes on Bullying from Ender's Game

by Nicole Poitras
Period 2

Chapter 1 - Quote #1
Orsen Scott Card writes, "Third...Even as his secret enemy called him names...It was not his fault he was a third" (5).

Andrew (Ender) Wiggin' s worst bully, Stilson, is calling him a Third because he is the third child of a noncompliant family.
Card States, "They would be waiting for him, though, the bad ones...They could say what they liked. They might even hit him now - no one could see them anymore, and so no one would come to Ender's rescue. There were advantages to the monitor, and he would miss them" (6).

Ender has gotten his I.F. monitor removed, and his bullies have become more ruthless than ever.
Chapter 1 - Quote #3
Stilson jeers, "'Hey Third.'
Don't answer. Nothing to say.
'Hey Third, we're talking to you, Third, hey buggerlover, we're talkin' to you...'
...'Are you going to let me through?' Ender asked.
...They all laughed. 'Sure, we'll let you through. First we'll let your arm through, then your butt through, then maybe a piece of your knee.'
...Stilson began pushing him with one hand; someone behind him then pushed him toward Stilson.
...This would not have a happy ending. So Ender decided he'd rather not be the unhappiest in the end.
The next time Stilson's arm came out to push him, Ender grabbed at it" (6-7).

Now the I.F. is not watching him, Ender's bullies know they can do whatever they want to him. They harass him about the monitor not amounting to anything. However, Ender tries to defend himself, which shows how much he wants to rise above his tormentors.
Chapter 2 - Quote #1
Peter snarls, "Like us? He keeps the little sucker till he's six years old. When did you lose yours? ...HE almost made it...little bugger" (10).

Ender's brother Peter is insanely jealous of how long Ender wore his monitor. Peter went through the same testing, but failed because he is a murderer. Peter wants more than anything to go to Battle School.
Chapter 2 - Quote #2
Card describes, "Suddenly there was the pain and pressure of a blow to the side of his head; he lost balance and fell that way.
'Don't see too well, do you, bugger?' said Peter.
...Peter put his toe against Ender's groin. 'Don't take off the mask,' Peter said.
Peter pressed up with his foot. Pain shot through Ender...
'Lie flat, bugger. We're gonna vivisect you, bugger...'
He lifted his foot...and then knelt on Ender, his knee pressing Ender's belly just below the breastbone.
'I could kill you like this,' Peter whispered. 'Just press and press until you're dead.'
... 'I'll tell,' Valentine said from the doorway.
... ' Then you're dead too, sweet little sister'" (11-12).

Peter is a murderer, and bullies all of his peers, even his own family. He is not afraid to kill to get whatever he wants. Valentine and Ender live in a constant threat from Peter, which strengthens their bond with each other, as they try to protect and comfort one another.
Chapter 4 - Quote #2
Card writes of Ender's launch, "'Looks like you've got it made here,' whispered the boy next to him.
Ender shook his head.
'Oh, won't even talk to me?' the boy said.
...He felt a sharp pain on his head. Then again...The boy in the next seat back must've unfastened his straps...Go away, Ender thought. I didn't do anything to you...Then it became clear. Graff had deliberately caused it.
...'Hey, fart-eater...Do you like this? Hey, super-brain, is this fun?'
...Just as the next blow was coming, Ender reached up with both hands, snatched the boy by the wrist, and then pulled down on the arm, hard" (32-33).

Graff has singled Ender out, telling the others that Ender is the best of them, and they will never amount to his greatnes. He has caused all of Ender's launch mates to hate him, and now Ender will have to work hard to make amends and develop bonds with the boys.
Chapter 4 - Quote #1
Talking to Graff, an I.F. commander says, "'So you're going to isolate him.'
'I'll have him completely separated from the rest of the boys by the time we get to the school'" (27).

The I.F. is bullying Ender by ruining his chances of making friends at Battle School. It is the beginning of their plan to break Ender down and make him numb to compassion.

Chapter 1 - Quote #2
Chapter 5
Card describes, "Little things. Kicking his bed every time they went in and out of the door. Jostling him with is meal tray. Tripping him on the ladders. Ender learned quickly not to leave anything outside of his lockers; he also learned to be quick on his feet, to catch himself. 'Maladroit,' Bernard called him once, and the name stuck.
...What enraged Ender was how willingly the others went along with him" (48).

The boys in his first army bully him for being smarter and better than anyone else, according to Graff. The boy whose arm he broke, Bernard, is the most cruel. Although Ender is suffering, he is learning how to quickly react to situations, which will help him strategize in his military future.
Chapter 7
Card writes, "Ender despaired. He already had nothing going for him - grossly undertrained, small, inexperienced, doomed to be resented for early advancment. And now, by chance, he had made exactly the wrong friend. An oucast in Salamander Army, and she had just linked him with her in the minds of the rest of the army...For a moment, as Ender looked around at the laughing, jeering, faces, he imagined their bodies covered with hair, their teeth pointed for tearing. Am I the only human being in this place? Are all the others animals, waiting only to devour?" (75-76)

No matter where Ender goes, older boys will bully him for being young and high in the standings. Ender befriends Petra Arkanian, the only girl in Salamander army. Because of her gender, the boys discriminate against her.
Chapter 8
Card illustrates, "The boys came again, but fewer of them were commanders. Most were members of a couple of armies...They didn't take names this time. Instead, they mocked and shouted and ridiculed as the Launchies tried to master difficult skills with untrained muscles. It began to get to a few of the boys"(113).

The older boys begin tormenting the younger ones for practicing their new skills. They try to break the boys, and Ender, down to ultimately make them stop the practices.

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