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Media Pitch

No description

Annie Davidson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Media Pitch

Media Pitch Annie Davidson Main Ideas Fashion shoot
Festival clothes
Whats in for the latest festivals. Colour Scheme The colours that i will be using will be:
Green + Pink- as its a Festival i think this colour will work well. I think this colour will look work well with the colour green.
Blue + Green - I think these colours will work well together and will suit most of the target audience.
Orange + Peach - These colours look like the weather for autumn,, the clothing that i will be showing will mostly be for this time of the year.
All main text will be in black. Fonts Layout These are some of the fonts i will use:
A.C.M.E. Secret Agent
Amelia BT
Fried Eggs Images Text Image from Toast Magazine. This is how i will layout
my double page spread.
I will use several images
together and then write
my text around it. Initial Ideas I am working for exposed,
as this magazine focuses
more on fashion. I also think
more people will buy this
who go to festivals this will be a good think as i am doing festival fashion. Festival Fashion. Adverts Head Line Fashion Fest I think this head line is catchy
and will make it easier to sell. Images
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