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Asian Development

No description

Tiffany Schock

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Asian Development

In 2004, ADB lent $5.3 billion to
Asian nations for development Two nations, China and India, each received $1.3 billion These two Asian nations combined received 48 percent of the total In addition, ABD provided $807.2 million in private-sector assistance Asian GDP in 2009 And this growth is likely to increase IN 2009 China's GDP grew 9.1% and its predicted growth rate for 2010 is 8.9%. It predicts that India will have a growth rate of 7.4% in 2010.
GDP of the Big Four Developing Nations Generally struggle to maintain their current place in the world
They suffer from corrupt and/or incompetent government
They are mired in debt
Population grows faster than the economy
Have largely escaped these obstacles, although
India has severe population pressure and a hefty debt, while
China has a government that is more corrupt than most Western democracies
But China and India Here’s what India has done The Really Big Two Because China and India are the two largest countries in, not only Asia, but also the world, we will be focusing on these two. So Combined, China and India have a total GDP of $12.31 trillion. With Low Inflation 1985 CPI* 2009 CPI 5.6% *CPI is the Consumer Price Index
But with Heavy Borrowing 1985 deficit 2009 deficit 59 billion rupees 10.2 trillion rupees And look at energy consumption 1985 2009 326.6 million 1.08 billion
barrels/yr barrels/yr Here’s what China has done With Low Inflation 1985 CPI 2009 CPI n/a* -0.7% *Figure for 1990 was 3.1%; for 1995, 17.1%; for 2002,
But Without Heavy Borrowing 1985 surplus 2009 surplus 2.2 billion yuan 866 billion yuan And Look at Energy Consumption 1985 2009 688 million 29.93 billion
barrels/yr barrels/yr 10.9% Asian Development Nation GDP China $8.748 trillion
Japan $4.15 trillion
India $3.57 trillion
S. Korea $1.364 trillion GDP 1985 2779.9 billion
rupees GDP 2009 1640.415 trillion
rupees GDP 1985 896.4
yuan GDP 2009 58.82 trillion
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