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Civics Summative 2015

No description

Saarthi Amin

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of Civics Summative 2015

Little Hands
Can't Work Foundation (LHCW)

My NGO is going to address Child
Labour and it will work to reduce
the problem in Zimbabwe.
Child Labour is all forms of work done by underaged children (usually 15 years and under). This problem has existed throughout the world for most of human history and it is difficult to say when exactly it came to Zimbabwe.
This problem was created by and still exists today because of poverty. Poverty forces parents to send their children to work so their families can survive. Child labour will always remain a major problem as long as poverty lives but my NGO will try to make a difference and reduce it as much as possible.
These children work in harmful and dangerous conditions at very low wages. They give up school, sports, play, and sometimes even their families and homes to work all day long. These children deserve an adequate level of education so they can build a future for themselves and my NGO will also work on that.
Mission Statement:
"To put pencils in little working hands and provide an education for working children."
My NGO can be found on Facebook. There is a page called "Little Hands Can't Work Foundation" which allows people all around the world to connect with my NGO, this page provides daily updates about our progress and it contains all of the NGO's information. This is a way to spread information about this issue in Zimbabwe so people from around the world can contribute to the NGO and help save tomorrow's children.
Another way to connect people to my NGO is the NGO's website which is called, "www.littlehandscantwork.com" or just "www.lhcw.com".
The website is more detailed than the facebook page and it will have information about all the different ways people can donate to the NGO, contribute by volunteering or working directly in Zimbabwe, or helping manage the NGO from Canada.
Also, for every 10 likes the facebook page receives, the Canadian government will contribute $1 more, on top of the money it is already providing for the NGO. Therefore, people are helping by just keeping up with the NGO's updates and liking the page.
Plan of Action:

My NGO will be funded by the Canadian governemnt.
The money will be used to pay the families/parents of the child labourers. This money will be double the amount their children earned while working.
This will allow the families of these children to survive by reducing their poverty.
The money will also go towards the materials and school supplies the children need for school such as pencils, textbooks, notebooks, etc.
My NGO will also find volunteers/workers who are willing to travel to Zimbabwe, with their own money if possible, to teach these children or help out in some other way.
Basically, my NGO will try to pay for as many things as possible with the help of donations, fundraisers such as selling african bracelets in Canada and around the world, and the Canadian government.
If this plan is approved, it will make a major change in this world by providing an adequate education for children in Zimbabwe and providing money for their families which will contribute to reducing poverty.
By: Saarthi Amin
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