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An introduction to TurnItIn the plagiarism detection software.

Jon Jack

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of TurnItIn

Jon Jack - Learning Technologist
Learning Services What TurnItIn can do. Educate students about proper citation and referencing (and give them option to analyse and revise their work for any accidental misquoting or referencing) Quickly identify sources of plagiarised material. Can act as a deterrent against plagiarism. What TurnItIn cannot do Prevent determined plagiarists. You will almost never catch the real cynical cheat who has planned to do this from the outset. Teach academic writing skills. Recognise all instances of plagiarism, copying and cheating. It cannot detect non text based materials, such as  graphics, pictures, diagrams, formulae - Yet!!! have a look at www.tineeye.com Detect cleverly paraphrased passages or text that have been vastly altered by the student's use of a thesaurus. or using an article spinner or using google translate. 2009/2010
521 Instructors
13111 Students
47293 Submissions 2008/2009
369 Instructors
8132 Students
31937 Submissions 2007/2008
316 Instructors
3939 Students
25541 Submissions TurnItIn Databases over 4.5 billion web pages, including an archive of deleted/changed pages; The company uses a WebCrawler  to continually archive the web, except for robots.txt exclusions. Student paper database, all other essays/assignments ever submitted to the service, therefore improving accuracy as more subscribers use it. Currently 20,000 pages per week are being added to the database by UK institutions. This is the second most common form of detection by TurnItIn. copyright-free material from the Gutenberg project Cheat the system Replacing normal characters for example and “a” for “a~” this does not work "put everything in "quotes" (this works if you have exclude quotes turned on)" 2006/2007
109 Instructors
1686 Students
16779 Submissions What journals and other resources does Turnitin check against??? External courses can be created if you require a course which is not connected exclusively to a standard University course with matriculated students. These can be used, for example, to allow you to maintain enrolments manually or to provide a programme-wide area.

Cours externes peuvent être créés si vous désirez un cours qui n'est pas lié exclusivement à un cours de niveau universitaire avec des étudiants inscrits. Ils peuvent être utilisés, par exemple, pour vous permettre de maintenir les effectifs manuellement ou à l'espace de l'ensemble du programme.

External courses can be created if you want a course that is not tied exclusively to a university-level courses with students enrolled. They can be used, for example, to allow you to manually maintain staffing or space of the entire program. What next for TurnItIn
Audio comments (Planned)
allow students to download their own grademarked paper (Planned)
Ability to grant extensions (Planned)
Offline grading (Under review)
Double marking (Under review)
Multiple markers for large classes (Under review)
Own work declaration form
iPad/tablet support (Under review)
Improved stats with Blackboard (Under review) Can anyone guess the number one source that flags up in the TurnItIn Database? And the second most common source to appear in a match? TurnItIn can process up 1 million papers a week! Aiming for a 10 paper per million failure rate. It gives the students a time stamped digital receipt - when they submit their paper. Students 2010/2011
821 Instructors
21070 Students
69978 Submissions
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