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compare, contrast, synthesize

mandy, ashlee, lourdez

Lourdez Gallego

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of compare, contrast, synthesize

The Brave New
Island of 1984 comparison 1984 and the Island Societies Plot Characters Symbols Both have dictators Everyone has the same daily routines Almost everyone believes in their “Leaders” Leaders group controls everyone else Winston and Lincoln 6 Echo are trying to stop the leaders of Big Brother and the Institute The Island 1984 BRAINWASH (all futuristic) 1984- Big Brother ff Glass paperweight
Mrs. Parsons kids “spies” 1984 and Brave New World Both have mottos Symbols 1984: rats Brave new world: the whip, black cash box Both have Leaders Brave new world, Our Ford 1984 1984, Big Brother Brave New World and The Island Similar Settings Buildings Teaching Symbolism Brave New World: synthetic music box & soma The Island: the lottery Both Have Motives The The Island- The Institute Contrasting 1984 and The Island Society 1984 was not as futuristically advanced Leaders 1984 was feared Island was not feared at all Ch C Characters Brave New World and The Island Both BNW and The Island want something different from the motive Plot Society Brave new world, teaches kids in their sleep Island, clones were flashed images of their lives before the “ "contamination” Winston wanted to shut down Big brother (then learned to love love it)
love it) Lincoln 6 Echo and Jordan 2 Delta wanted to shut down the institute Brave New World: kids were made in test tubes The Island: clones would naturally reproduce children Brave New World and 1984 Leaders Big Brother was very controlling Our Ford wasn't controlling Society In Brave New World people had to hide their books In 1984 books were completely banned
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