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North Carolina

No description

Alison Cropp

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA Question Cluster:
What would happen if there was no farming? Which tool would be more useful to a farmer in North Carolina, a shovel or a tractor. By:Emily T,Nia,Christian
Tobacco was North Carolina's main resource. The Tools you need to make tobacco is:
A dried tobacco leaf
A thick layer of crushed tobacco cylinder
Semi-circle, medal cutter
Sticky paste Tobacco became easy to grow in the Southern colonies, because of the warm climate and rich soil.
It was also simple to ship and trade the resources, do to the superior, flowing harbors they had. The craft in north carolina was tobacco farming. There were many raw materials in North Carolina like timber, textiles, and tobacco. Right now well be focusing on one.........tobacco! In the North Carlina tobacco farms they turned tobacco [raw material] to cigars, cigarets, and chewing tobacco [man made materials] and it was sold nation wide. Community If there was no farming, the products that people sell in stores would not be making profits. To the Farmers they probably wouldn't have a living and if they didn't take care of there plot of land, it would be worthless. TOBACCO FARMING A tractor would be a better tool to use, because it can dig and plow and it would take less time. In North Caroina, there community is good.
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