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Todd Swartzman

on 5 August 2010

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Transcript of Realtime

Why Realtime? We've been supporting clients in various industries for the past 9 years.
Responsive remote and on site support.
You'll have a real person on the phone within a minute or two.
We resolve most incidents within the first 4 hours, many within a few minutes.
We support clients spread out across 8 states, all from Dothan, AL.
Your single point of contact for ALL of your IT issues: Computers, Servers, Internet, email, spam, procurement. We do it all.
How does this help you? We remove the distraction of IT from you and your staff
Lets your staff focus on process improvement, sales and serving your customers.
Let our experts manage the proactive maintenance and daily support of your infrastructure, regardless of location.
We manage the integrity of your valuable information.
Leverage our experience when evaluating or installing new applications and capabilities.
We handle the boring, but very important IT tasks that are often not given a high priority, such as backups, patch management, business continuity, compliance and the like.
We document all support activities for review or reference later on.
We employ experts in desktop support, application support, servers, networks, firewalls, spam filtering, databases and security. No one person can do it as well as our team. Details How it works for you Should you have a computer problem... Call us... We answer your call,
and fix it, fast Disclaimer: Not us ...so you can get on
with making your business
successful. Not youtube,
Data Integrity At the perimeter Details
A firewall, properly configured, is your best first line of defense. It's purpose is to only allow traffic inbound that has been specified, or requested from inside of the network. REQUIRED Outside the perimeter OPTIONAL, But Recommended Intrusion Prevention Service IPS Inside the network Networks Servers Computer Details:
Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware
Basic URL filtering
Patch Management
Windows Firewall
Preventative Maintenance
Machine change summaries

For extra security requirements, we have optional Host based Intrusion Detection and Prevention services. Infrastructure and security OPTIONAL, But
Recommended Firewall IDS Intrusion
Service Details: Inspects all internal traffic and
reports on unusual/malicious activity Details:
Blocks all known malicious activity with regularly updated "signatures". Detected malicious activity is logged and reviewed by live operators 24x7x365. Critical incidents recieve immediate response and mitigating actions. Inside the perimeter a layered approach Why? Ensure only those authorized can
access your valuable data. Purpose: Your data is only as protected as the last known good backup. To be the most effective, the most recent backup needs to get out of your building. Managed Switches recommended to speed problem resolution
Wireless networking secured and monitored
Option to limit traffic to only authorized devices
Guest internet access
Segregate voice and network data traffic when using VoIP Phones Using good quality networking gear, while expensive, will speed network troubleshooting and repairs as well as give better visibility into network traffic and potential issues. Good gear is required for more robust security options such as IDS and when sharing the network between phones and computers. REQUIRED Environmental controls, such as adequate HVAC for sensitive equipment and temperature monitoring and alerting
Power protection, such as surge supression and UPS (Uninteruptible Power Supply)
Controlled physical access to network and server gear Controlling access to your physical equipment is the simplest (and most often ignored) steps you can take to protect your IT investment.
Quality surge and power protection is an integral part of ensuring data integrity.
Our Value Proposition to you
Single Point of Contact for EVERYTHING IT
Fast remote and on site support for Servers, Networks, Computers, Applications, Remote access and everything in between
Data Integrity and Security
Proactive Maintenance
Compliance and Reporting
Strategic Planning Single Point of Contact Call us, we can take it! Also Not us... We take your issues and questions via phone, email or over the web. Our average initial response is under 3 minutes.
We determine who, within our organization, is best able to resolve the problem, quickly.
If there are authorizations required, we get them from you and document that action.
We document steps taken, so the next time, or if a followup is required, our entire staff has the information available.
We communicate status to you regularly, so you know that your issues are being addressed.
We coordinate with other vendors, software manufacturers and the like. We know how to ask for help if we need it. Proactive Maintenance We monitor the status of managed systems, 24x7
Systems are audited at least daily (some items every 2 minutes) for common items such as:
Patch Status
Anti-Virus Status
Resource utilization of disk, cpu, memory
Installed/Removed programs and hardware
Network Traffic, inbound and outbound, misses, errors
Compliance and Reporting Compliance
We work with you, your audit team and the various regulations to help you meet or exceed your requirements.
We assist in crafting and maintaining long range strategic plans and risk assessments.

Reporting, both to you and for our use
Summary and detailed reporting that reflects the status of your IT environment, things like computer assets, number of installed programs, security log summaries, drive space utilization, etc...
Ad Hoc reports are available to you upon request (or on a schedule) to answer those questions like: How many computers do we have? Or, how many people have photoshop installed. Report Samples Exec Summary Page 1 Exec Summary Page 2 Spam Filtering Click the right Arrow to advance Alabama, Georgia, Florida,Mississippi,
Oklahoma, North Carolina, Iowa, Texas Compliance: Audits, Reporting, Asset Management, Strategic planning, Risk Assessments, Penetration and Vulnerability testing, Active/Passive Security, Patch Management Reporting, Security Reporting, Firewall Logs and Configurations, Change Management Compliance items
http://prezi.com/133889/view/#323 http://www.realtime-it.com Thanks!
Quesions? Give us a call
866-367-4872, or on the web,
http://www.realtime-it.com prevention and protection email spam and virus filtering
passive web filter Securing access
password policies
system policies
logging access attempts
applying security to shared information
role based access
we document security changes
only authorized individuals can make changes Data backups
automated offsite or tape based
either way, we monitor and manage it
we test backups regularly to ensure they work Automated data
syncronization Replay presentation
http://prezi.com/puxosffbdhia/view/#327 Is Realtime right for you?
Ask yourself;
Is it ok if the computers don't work well today?
Spam, dealing with viruses, pop ups and all that junk isn't all that bad
Computers and applications are supposed to slow down over time, that's how it is
The IT guy takes a few hours, or days to show up, we expect it.
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