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Courage Defined By Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony, a short summary of her life, and how she showed courage in her time.

Julie Novaes

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Courage Defined By Susan B. Anthony

The courageous woman's suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony What is courage? Susan B. Anthony's Early Life What did Anthony believe? Rating the will to follow through with what you believe is right and just
being able to admit to a fear or worry and do something about it
to have the audacity to work towards your goal
the dexterity to be who you are and accept it Susan Brownelle Anthony was born to Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read on February 15, 1820
she had six brothers and sisters
Anthony's parents were Quakers, so she was raised in a strict house without toys and a lot of enforced self-discipline
at age 6, she moved from Massachusetts to Battenville, New York where her teacher refused to teach her long division because of her gender women and men should be treated equally
women should be allowed to vote
women should be educated the same as men and have the same opportunities
My Favorite Quote:
"Both sexes eat, sleep, hate, love and desire alike... If they are allowed to attend picnics together, and balls, and dancing schools, and the opera, it certainly will not injure them to use chalk at the same blackboard."
This speech (1856) really gave a good example/ reason as to why women should be given the same right, opportunity, and treatment as men. If they are allowed to do many public things together, why not be educated the same way, too? Although Susan B. Anthony was a great and interesting woman, I did not enjoy the book. It was written in a very complex way and was hard to understand. Also, it repeated itself a lot. However, for anyone that would like a challenge and more knowledge about Susan, read:
"Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony in Her Own Words"
by: Lynn Sherr In order to know how Anthony was courageous, first you must understand the basic meaning of courage. How did Anthony
show courage? Susan worked hard toward getting what she believed was right - women's suffrage
she stood up for women and wasn't afraid to speak out her opinions
she died (March 13, 1906) trying hard for what she and other women wanted-equality
in 1920, the 19th amendment was made, granting women voting/suffrage rights
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