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Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

No description

Yanela Tineo

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
Early life
While still a kid he grew up very poor, just like the rest of the area he was born in. From his birth he was just a normal kid living in a normal family that didn’t have many funds from his family to support him. Although he was very poor his family wanted him to get an education, and sent him to school. But he was sent back home for not having the right chose to be in.
Doing whatever he could to make money, by the age of 20, Escobar was dealing cannabis, skilled at stealing cars and starting to build a name for himself in the Colombian criminal underworld. Because he saw his family desperately needed money.
Coming from a background of poverty, he knew how tough life was. Since the moment that he was born he was known because of his insight and cunning but more important because his leadership in defense of his fellow. Since a kid Escobar and his cousin Gustavo Gaviria Rivero were small businesses men in the Lyceum "Velez Jaramillo Lucretius" Where they both studied.
Pablo Escobar Gaviria was born in December 1, 1949 in a small town call Rionegro in Colombia which was and still being one of the poorest places in Colombia. Since, he was born he knew what poverty looks like and how tough life was, because his mother Hermilda Gaviria came from a poor family and was a simple teacher who wasn’t able to make a lot of money to support the family, while his father Abel de Jesús Escobar didn’t get an education and was getting to old to work.
He was the third of a household of seven children. His brothers by birth were: Roberto de Jesus, aka The Bear, Gloria Ines Argemiro, Alba Marina and Luis Fernando (the youngest, born in 1958 and killed at age 19 in 1977). Moving this further his maternal grandfather, Roberto Cobaleda Gaviria, had preceded him in illegal activities, as he was a renowned smuggler whiskey in times when it was illegal (early twentieth century).
Also, Roberto was the grandfather of a Colombian lawyer and politician José Obdulio Gaviria, former adviser of the President Alvaro Uribe. However, several of his ancestors and their immediate families are highlighted as politicians, businessmen, farmers and elite figures of Antioquia.
Cont .
Marriage and Children
His wife was Eugenia Victoria Henao Vallejo, La Tata, whom he married when she was fifteen in 1976. From this union were born their only two children: Juan Pablo Escobar Henao on February 24, 1977 and Manuela Escobar Henao on May 24, 1984.
Since the moment that Eugenia knew how his husband was getting rich, she asked him to leave everything behind, to which he say yes, but he never left. His children’s most of the time didn’t know what their father was doing. They were always getting an excuse of where he was, until the time that they knew everything about it. Almost on his finals, Eugenia left him even thought she loved him.
Even thought he always said that his only woman was Eugenia, he was always having relationship out of the marriage, because since ever he was having that affection for youth.
Criminal Carrier
The beginnings of Escobar crime occurred slowly but surely, and throughout his criminal career, he served as a strange mixture of violence, blood, paternalism and philanthropy to achieve their ends. While on the other hand, ruthlessly eliminated his competitors, ordered murders, stimulated or conspired against influential figures in politics or government. Also, he gave away sandwiches to beggars, constructs houses for the poor in Medellin fields or built football for kids from the suburbs, which gave him a strong popular support in the poorest neighborhoods of the city.
Escobar began his criminal career with small scams, thefts and working for the king of smuggling in Colombia Alfredo Gómez López better known as The Godfather. As he grew older engages in the theft of cars on the streets of Medellin, and soon happened to engage in trafficking marijuana into the United States. Escobar as an intermediary bayed coca into Colombia, Bolivia and Peru, and later resold on carrying it to the United States.
In the 1970s he became a key part of the international cocaine association with Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, Carlos Lehder, Jorge Luis Ochoa and his brothers Fabio and Juan David, leading the Medellin cartel. Later becomes the seventh richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine. He owned one of the largest farms in Colombia, called Hacienda Napoles, which became his headquarters.It is difficult to calculate all of their real estate as office buildings, farms, shops and houses, but some figures show more than 500 property holdings. He also had helicopters, motorcycles, boats and several planes to transport drugs through Colombian.
Political Activities
During working on trafficking cocaine Escobar understood that he should create a "screen" to protect their lucrative drug trade. He began to cultivate an image of respectable man, to contact politicians, financiers , lawyers, etc...
Without knowing with certainty their real intentions, Pablo Escobar built many charities for the poor, including 50 football fields, or an entire neighborhood called "Medellín without slums", also called "Pablo Escobar neighborhood".
While trying to cover his figure of a drug leader he imposed the law of "Plata o Plomo", for which many members of the government, police and military Colombians or accepts the "Plata (money) or they would get a shower of "Plomo" (bullets). But his "screen" began to crumble in 1983, when the newspaper El Espectador published a series of letters that revealed what really was behind Pablo Escobar.
The Search Bloc was handed the task of locating Escobar until, after a year and four months of intensive intelligence work they found him.
Well, Pablo Escobar ended his terror because the Colombian authorities created the "Search Block", a group formed by the National Police Corps, the Army and the U.S. drug bodies.
On December 1, 1993 he got track because they located six calls that Escobar did to his son. While trying to escape, he died in the roof of a house during the flight of a shot in the heart.

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He was maintaining a relationship out of his marriage with a young lady, which got pregnant, to which Pablo asked her to make an abortion, but she said no. He persecuted her but he never funded her because she disappears. As time was passing she returned with his child. Since the boy with Eugenia born he wanted him to be the head of the Cartel after he died, but it never happened because he wasn’t able to train him.
Killing Pablo Escobar
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