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Preproduction Checklist in Ableton Live 9

No description

Rune Gamborg

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Preproduction Checklist in Ableton Live 9

Preproduction Checklist in Ableton Live 9 1
One folder to rule them all!

Protips: Now that your projects are all in one folder. Backup is easy. But if you use an online backup service to monitor your folders, disable it when tracking. It will reduce errors.
If possible store your projects on a separate hard drive than your system drive for increased stability.
Increase your sample rate when experiencing clicks and pops, but postpone it at long as you can by not adding effects and software instruments untill after you are done tracking.

Don't store your Ableton project files in different folders on different drives.
Create subfolders for your different work scenarios within that one folder instead. And name them meaningfully! Set your audio preferences Recommended settings:

24bit Recording file type Live offers two settings, both of which are uncompressed formats.
WAV is a windows format and AIFF is a Mac format, so this setting will depend on your other recording environment. Hardware settings Configure your interface with Live These settings will vary depending on your interface so RTM! (Read the manual) Find your device on this list Name your separate inputs and outputs here (If you can't then you probably need to install its driver) Driver options for your interface. Very likely this is where you can set the buffer size. Depending on your hardware. Buffer size Recommended setting: 128 Live will display the buffer size here and estimate the resulting latency - NOW ROCK!
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