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Garden Tourism Conference

Dr. Brian White, Trina Mousseau

Trina Mousseau

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Garden Tourism Conference

Working with Tourism Victoria
City of Victoria
DMO Partnerships
Thank You
Mythical Vancouver Island
We are an aging population in BC and Canada- (and most other places, for that matter!)

Tend to be older, better educated, higher income
Tend to be well-travelled, particularly interested in culture and nature travel

“Clubby,” very interconnected, but competitive nevertheless

Garden Reputation

We live and breath our "City of Gardens" moniker
Getting exposure through your local DMO starts with being a proactive partner
Our collaborative approach drives tourism; you should visit!
Enjoying an

Vancouver Island Garden Route
Things grow here that don't grow anywhere else
Vancouver Island has attracted horticulturalists for over a century

They recreated the English landscape through gardens

Edwardian gardens can be seen all over the south island
GO WEST! Beautiful Pacific coastal forest setting

Climate, topography, aspect, and the community of gardeners are unique

Result has been a diversity of plants and gardens worth preserving- and marketing!
Passionate people cultivate our land creating gardens worth visiting for
The Market
The Butchart Gardens:
Amazing Story of reclamation created by the drive and passion of an amazing woman…continued successfully for 108 years through several family generations

National Historic Site and a CTC Signature Experience now give us a framework within which to tell our story
The Abkhazi Garden:
Prince and Princess Abkhazi began creating their garden in 1946

This was the year they married and settled in Victoria, after living separate lives touched by both privilege and tragedy

The Abkhazis worked together on their creation for over 40 years, referring to it as “their child"
Strong cross-over to other forms of tourism:
- Historic
- Dark tourism (Graveyards)
- Rural/Farm tourism
- Cultural tourism
- Shopping
- Culinary
Interest in Garden Tourism Canada
Ages when visitors are first interested in gardens
Why visitors are at a garden
Key players in BC Garden Landscape
BC Garden Tourism Coalition
Garden Council of BC
Like the city, gardens are part of our DNA
- Feed DMOs great photos/videos/stories
- Offer giveaways
- Gather insights
- Offer campaign prizing
- Be proactive
- Top of mind
FAM Trips
- Offer to host journalists
- Tour trade operators
- Meeting planners
- Tell your story!
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