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Divergent and The Giver Comparison

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Sara Jahangiri

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Divergent and The Giver Comparison

The theme of Divergent is "One Choice Can Transform You." The theme is revealed through how Tris changes throughout the novel. She changes from quiet Beatrice of Abnegation to bold Tris of Dauntless; but by the end of the book, she has changed even more. She's realized that she's neither Abnegation or Dauntless but Divergent.

The Giver:
The theme of The Giver is that memories are important and we need to learn about our history so we can make better decisions in the future. The theme of the book is mainly revealed through the giver's words of wisdom to jonas. he tells jonas that the memories give him wisdom and help him make decisions.
Don't know city's history
Don't know what is happening outside the walls
Live in Strict Community
Both leave their original faction/community
Don't show much public affection to parents
both are very confused when told they are divergent/Receiver of Memory
Have Different Goals
Tris: Survive Jonas: Endure the Pain/memories
Tris has a brother while Jonas has a sister
Tris's Story is about the choice she makes and Jonas's is about what he is chosen to do.
Tris is female while Jonas is male
Character Development
She begins in the story selfless, caring about other people over her, but throughout the story she becomes selfish and brave after joining Dauntless. When she volunteers to jump first, it shows she has changed.

Jonas starts the story very confused about his emotions and what he's supposed to do in life. but after he is chosen as the receiver , he starts realizing what he's supposed to do. By the end of the story, he has matured and has become much wiser. Jonas now knows about the history of his people, and he understands complex emotions.
David and Sara Block 2
Divergent and The Giver Book Comparison
Jealousy over the Factions
War against each faction
Tyranny from one Faction
Unknown History
The Giver:
No Knowledge about History
No knowledge about Danger
No Protection
No Knowledge about what is outside the walls
NO EMOTIONS because genetically engeineered humans
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