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TEAM/TAP Institute: Questioning and Academic Feedback

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Valerie Schmidt-Gardner

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of TEAM/TAP Institute: Questioning and Academic Feedback

Questioning and
Academic Feedback:

Valerie Schmidt-Gardner
Rebecca Reeves Objectives:
To learn how to use questioning to positively affect:

1) your students' success
2) your performance on the TEAM rubric
3) your integration of the "CORE 4" Who? "Who were the main
characters in
this story?" BLOOM'S =
Remembering What? When? BLOOM'S =

"When would you apply this technique? Where? BLOOM'S =

"Where are the
relationships in this theme?" Why? BLOOM'S =

"Why did you use this formula? Explain." How? BLOOM'S =

"How would you justify your answer?" Student Success happens when
questions are:
- varied and of high quality (Bloom's)
- purposeful and coherent
- of high frequency
- consistently sequenced to goals
- dependent on active response
- mindful of wait time (3-5 sec) BLOOM'S =

"What facts or ideas show you understand?" CORE 4:
Academic Feedback
Problem-Solving Differentiation
Grouping Divide into groups of 6:
Each student
represents one
aspect of the
higher-order thinking process. Add points to
your score
with pictures!!!
Use a photo as a
or an exit ticket!!!
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