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Feasibility 2011

Patrick Whelan

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of Bridges

Bridges Market
Analysis Corporate Capabilities & Human
Resources Operations Marketing
Strategy Action Plan Financials Patr Canada GDP: 6.1% | U.S. GDP: 5% Economic Growth Co-founders (7): 12% each
Developers: 16% Division of Equity Incorporate on May 1st, 2011
Possible Expansion in 2014 Timeline Development to be performed by Planet R&D in exchange for equity.
Major feature and user interface decisions to be determined by Bridges management.
Development of Bridges "Keeping People Connected." Development Timeline One month for writing and developing code.
One month for "beta" testing. Legal
Customer Service
Testing Devices
Potential Office Space
Other Considerations Incorporation
Contract with Developer
End User Licensing Agreement
Copyright/Trademark Legal Customer Service & Technical Support help@bridgesapp.com Potential Office Space Operations will be home based at start.
If management determines office space is required, a London-based office will be leased in year three. Target Market Smartphone Users Smartphone Users Tech Savvy Business Professionals Business Users Affected
by Out of Date Contact Information Business Professionals Interest
in Purchasing Bridges Product Simple
Time Efficient
Works in the Background $19.99/year Price Promotions Tech Blogs
Refferal System
Become a "Featured App"
Social Media Marketing Income Statement Gross Revenue Total Operating Expenses Net Profit (After Tax) $47,310 $23,568 $21,177 $208,065 $68,114 $125,740 $915,055 $596,089 $287,133 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 2 $1,031,123 Year 1 Gross Revenue Year 3 $416,130 $301,144 Net Profit (After Tax) $1,830,110 $60,610 $654,193 $94,619 $81,325 $26,583 Total Operating Expenses Marketable Securities Sensitivity COGS To Sales Year 1: 11.1%
Year 2: 7.61%
Year 3: 6.75% Debt to Equity Year 1: 0.0369
Year 2: 0.086
Year 3: 0.0953 Sales Growth Year 1 to 2: 249.79%
Year 2 to 3: 339.79% Presented by Stuart Campbell, Patrick Whelan,
Arlene Miron, and James Laing. Short-Term Action Plan May 1, 2011 June 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011 July 1, 2011 Long-Term Action Plan Smartphone Market Trends 4th Q 2010: 87% Growth to 101 Million Users
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