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Marketing Comms

No description

Sam Phipps

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Comms

Hallam Communications

Raise the profile of the city

Develop the city into a weekend getaway hotspot

Stakeholder Map

Raise the profile of Sheffield to attain a position within the top ten cities in the Visit Britain top towns and city ranking by 2015
Promotional Strategy
Promotional mix
Outside Advertising
Control and Evaluation
Visitor Context
New focus on young 16-34 couples seeking a romantic break

This segment is comprised of around 4.6 million people (Mintel 2011)

The target audience reside mainly in southern areas of the UK

66% of this segment read atleast one newspaper per week (NRS 2013)

Around 90% own a smart phone or mobile device (Deloitte 2013)
The Message
Sheffield is a vibrant city

Sheffield has a huge variety of interesting amenities

The city offers excellent value for money

Initiative Overview
Corporate Objectives
Marketing Objectives
Promotional Objectives
Poster Advertisement
Social Media
Increase overnight visits to Sheffield by 20% over the next year

Achieve a monthly a click through rate of at least 1% by 2015
Increase online marketing conversion rates by 10% over the next 12 months

Achieve a monthly a click through rate of at least 1% by 2015
Elle Morley
Sam Morris
Sam Phipps
Kevin Broome
Richard Mossop
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