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No description

megan lang

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Still-Life

How to Start
We are all going to look at our still lives for about 2-7 minutes before we start drawing- Why?

Try and realize the posistion/texture/shading/proportion and other things that may help you to draw it.
When you realize the parts of your object start with any place that makes you feel most comfortable.

*Use the pencil lightly so if you mess up its easier to erase.
When starting, try using shapes that you see in the object such as circles, squares rectangles. Look at your obejcts as shapes, not so much particular things.
Once we all practice sketching our stil lives, we will move onto white paper, where then we will add VALUE.

What is VALUE?
The lightness or darkness of a color
All of the objects on your table have value within them. It might be hard to see, but try squinting your eyes a little bit.
If an object is direct light what side of the value scale would it be on?

Objects turing from the light are where on the value scale?

Objects turned from the light, where are they on the value scale?
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