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Each year in July, NWICA presents its Annual Report to the Board of Directors. The report is then shared publicly and highlights the prior years' successes. Feel free to view and share and/or leave a comment.

Melissa Bohacek

on 12 August 2014

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Transcript of NWICA 2013 ANNUAL REPORT


Funding Sources 2013
Play NWICA Video Clips
Senior Management
Executive Team
Board of Directors
Women, Infants & Children Program
New Employee Orientation
In 2013, Northwest Indiana Community Action revised our new employee orientation program. After spending several months deliberately focused on changing the culture of our organization, we determined that we wanted to be deliberate about communicating our intended organizational culture from the first day an employee joins our team. The new orientation communicates specifically and deliberately the culture we want to have in the organization as well as the history, vision and values of Community Action. These efforts help our new staff members identify and connect with the mission of the organization from the first day they enter our building as a new employee.
NWICA's Vision
Letters from Clients
“I’m so happy to be able to have my taxes done and not worry about how I would pay for the service, when I have little income coming in – Thank you soooo much – for services like this.” - VITA NWICA Site
NWICA's Mission
Dr. Karen Evans,
Board Chair

Ms. Ida Parker,
Vice Chair

Mr. Derald Ailes
Mr. Roosevelt Allen
Ms. Maria Becerra
Mr. Don Bowman
Mr. Howard Conner
Mr. Michael Davis
Ms. Lorraine East

Mr. Keith Evans
Mr. Michael Mitchell
Mr. Willis Pettet
Mr. Joaquin Rodriguez
Mr. Timothy Sullivan
Ms. Nancy Valentine

AAA Advisory Committee
Jeanne Wease

Julie Mortier
Vice Chair

Ms. Sharon Bennett
Ms. Pamela Broadaway
Ms. Maribeth Bultema
Mr. Richard Cromwell
Ms. Elaine Ford
Rev. Don Franklin

Ms. Rebecca Monk
Ms. Vanessa Nathan
Ms. Minietta Nelson
Mr. Frank Skronski
Ms. Angela Tucker
Mr. Todd Wilson

To help people
to be independent
and advocate for
those who can't.
To be the industry
leader and respected voic
e for our
constituents in a competitive environment.






The 211/I&A Department was part of two new projects in 2013. NWI211 was awarded contracts to complete SNAP/Food Stamp Screenings and Healthcare Screenings. These screenings provided the opportunity to connect clients to additional resources and provide valuable data to funding sources.

The ADRC implemented
face-to-face intake assessments
for Options Counseling in 2013 which allowed for a more streamlined process to obtain services and a more accurate assessment of individuals with the goal to match individuals more quickly with appropriate services.

The ADRC assisted individuals with access to resources available to
them and immediate assistance with Medicaid application as needed.

Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)
Provided in-depth Options Counseling to 1,596 callers
Assessed 1,104 individuals for in-home services
Fielded 9,021 calls regarding LTC Options
Completed 5,212 Pre-Admission Screenings to ensure appropriate placement for individuals in nursing facilities & to offer Options Counseling for alternatives to placement
Outreach, through its 2013 Focal Point activities directly fed 412 families with mobile food pantries or other food-distribution locations. Then, via NWICA outreach and education at other agency sponsored sites, connected an additional 408 families reaching those at the time of their greatest need.

An average of 38 people per month participated in evidence-based programming such as Matter of Balance or Chronic Disease Self Management Programs.

Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) are offered through partnerships between NWICA and local financial institutions including Centier Bank, First Midwest Bank, Peoples Bank and PNC Bank. NWICA's CSBG- funded program coordinator recruits participants & provides financial education classes and other training such as home ownership education & counseling, small business training or guidance on choosing and enrolling in post-secondary education or job training.

In 2013, 57 participants had open Individual Development Accounts and saved $111,863.81.
When the match is added, the accounts are worth an aggregate total of $546,677.

Effective October 1, 2013, NWICA announced that it will serve as the Sponsor for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program in Jasper, Lake (excluding East Chicago), Newton, Porter and Pulaski Counties.

Each year In Indiana, an average of more than 167,000 women, infants, and children are provided access to nutrition and health screenings and assessments, nutrition education and counseling, breastfeeding support and promotion, referrals to other existing Indiana health, family and social services, and supplemental healthy foods designed to meet special nutritional needs.

Mr. Gary Olund, President/CEO said, "Today, a talented and dedicated group of professionals join NWICA. We share a strong commitment to helping others improve their quality and the quality of life of their children and families. Whether it be the vital services that WIC provides to women, infants, and children or the many other vital services for low-income, elderly or those with disabilities that NWICA sponsors, one constant must exist in all we do. We are each here to give our absolute best each and every day in service to others."

“Being a senior citizen and being on a fixed income, it means a great deal to me financially.” -VITA Salvation Army East Chicago Site
In the calendar year 2013, more than two thousand, two hundred (2229) clients were served by twenty (20) Case Managers. Forty-five per cent (45%) of those clients received their in-home services through Medicaid Waiver Aged and Disabled funding, which translates into wide range of customers and ages, all of whom qualify for admission and placement in a nursing facility but who area instead served in their homes and communities.
Home & Community Based Services

October-December was the busiest time of year for NWI211, as this marked the opening of the Energy Assistance Program as well as Open Enrollment for Medicare Recipients.

NWI211 is also completing the final stages of the AIRS Reaccreditation process.
2-1-1 Information & Assistance
Outreach & Preventative Health
Asset Building
During the past tax season, the A$$et Building Coalition prepared 1,812 Federal Returns and helped VITA Tax Site Participants claim nearly $1.8 million for our local communities. The VITA Site Locations hosted 51 volunteers contributing approximately 2,000 hours of service.
Energy Assistance Program
The Energy Assistance Program provided utility assistance to 13,781 households in 2013.

The Energy Assistance Program Team worked
diligently with the State and IHCDA to help
more than 130,000 households during the
inclement weather and '13-'14
winter propane crisis.

Individual Development Accounts
In March 2013 NWICA joined I4A and senior Hoosiers at the Rally for Independence at the Indiana Statehouse to demonstrate strong support for home and community-based services.

These services allow seniors and people with disabilities of any age the option of remaining independent in their homes and communities. The Rally for Independence is an

opportunity to learn about pertinent legislation before the Indiana General Assembly, to show statewide support for home and community-based services and to meet other advocates for aging services!
In 2013, Northwest Indiana Community Action completed the Community Assessment of Older Adults in our service area. This statistically valid survey gives us a solid basis for making service decisions as they relate to older adults in our planning and service area. The data from this survey showed that the city East Chicago’s older residents face tremendous challenges in their community. Northwest Indiana Community Action has already begun implementing programming to begin to address some of
these challenges.
Community Assessment Survey of Older Adults
Housing Choice Voucher Program
Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP)
served over 844 households in
2013 with rental assistance & 1,038 Housing
Quality Standards inspections to ensue safe,
sanitary & decent housing.

Over 100 names were pulled from the waiting list in order to better serve our clients.
Women, Infants & Children (WIC)
WIC provided approximately 14,000 prenatal
and post-partum mothers, infants and
children with supplemental food, nutrition
education, health care referrals &
breastfeeding support.

WIC is focusing on new Nutrition Education goals which will move to reduce the infant mortality rate (focus on low maternal weight gain, maternal smoking, lack of or inadequate prenatal care, underweight women, and closely spaced pregnancy) and Lowering Childhood Obesity for children 2-5 years old.
Since the program began in 1976, Weatherization has helped improve the lives of than 7 million families by reducing their energy bills. NWICA services the Lake County area in need by weatherizing over 100 homes yearly, reducing their energy bills by over 30%.
Thank you so much for the information provided to me! You stayed personable through the whole presentation but offered so much information. - Outreach Presentation Attendee

"My Case Worker was one of the first to offer condolences when my mother passed. We are grateful for her help through the years." -Case Management Client
Mr. Gary Olund Ms. Jennifer Malone Ms. Anna Schoon Ms. Robyn Freel
President/CEO Chief Operating Officer Planning & Business Finance Director

Development Director
Eric Shelton Carolyn Freeland Melissa Bohacek
Information Technology &

Human Resources Communications Manager
Facilities Director Director Executive Assistant
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