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Desiree-Emancipation Proclamation

No description

Norton History

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Desiree-Emancipation Proclamation

Double click anywhere & add an idea Emancipation Proclimation The Emacipation Proclamation Missuri, Kentuckey, Maryland, and Delaware were the border states, and they had slaves If the union tryed to force slavery to end, then thee 4 states might sucede ( didn't think it was really necisarry.) Kuntuckey and Maryland were very important to keep
K= Same to loose the game said Lincoln
M= Cofederate states would surround Union capitol
By simmer of 1862, Lincoln announced, That it was time for slavery to end Linconl stayed up long hours working on the Emancipation Proclamation = He planned to announce it Jan. 1, 1863 announce all slaves are free To make free Proclamation ready July 1862 but waited until Union won the war to present it Announced on Sept. 22 1862 Lincoln Map of U.S. during civil war Lincoln announcing the Proclamation The Proclamation didn't free slaves in the border states because they were not rebelling against the U.S. It would free all the slaves in the confederate states If Lincoln did that at least three border states would sucede= lessen the chance for Union to win the war 11 states that suceded weren't free states until Union armies entered those states and won the war, not a single slave could be freed (thats why people didn't think it was that successful for the salves because they hadn't won the war yet.) After the Proclamation, when Union won the war, all slaves were free!
All the slaves were rejoicing when they herd the news The most important Proclamation of freedom since the Declaration of Independence=Step closer to all poeple having the right to " Life, liberty, and happiness" January 1, 1863, Lincoln signed his name on the Proclamation and said," I never, in my life, felt more certain that I was doing right in signing this paper." This Proclamation was a big step foward for the slaves of America! Lincoln Debating Newly free slaves Lincoln Signing the Proclamation
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