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Characteristics of Muscles

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on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Characteristics of Muscles

Thank You!
All muscles have certain properties:
The ability or property of a substance, especially of muscle, of shortening, or becoming reduced in size, or developing increased tension.
Muscle fibers that are stimulated by nerves contract
Contractility depends on how much Calcium is available INTRA-cellularly

The ability to be stretched to a predetermined endpoint.
The endpoint of stretch varies depending on the intent of the study.
Increases in human muscle extensibility are demonstrated by an increase in end-range joint angles.

By: Shaina Banh, Aracelli Castro, Melody Munoz

Characteristics Include...
Muscle elasticity is the ability of your muscles to extend in an activity and resume their contracted position.

Optimize strong, safe, graceful movement by stretching to increase the elasticity of your muscles.
The benefits of stretching are increased blood flow to muscles and increased lubrication of connective tissue, which makes you more supple.

The ability of a muscle fiber to respond rapidly to a stimulating agent

Muscle responds to stimulation by nerves and hormones, making it possible for the nervous system and, in some muscle types, the endocrine system, to regulate muscle activity
Muscle excitability is important to athletes because of muscle strength, muscle power, and muscle cell recovery
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