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"Duty, Honor, Country"

No description

Dan Curran

on 29 November 2010

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Transcript of "Duty, Honor, Country"

Duty, Honor, Country Speaker - General
Douglas MacArthur SOAPSTone Occasion - At Thayer Award
acceptance cermony at West
Point Audience - American soldiers Purpose - To accecpt the
Thayer Award and to honor
the soldiers Tone - Repectful, thankful
honorable, and insperational Ethos Pathos Logos "Coming from a profession
I have served so long" Explains why he is recieving the Thayer Award Style - Insperational speech BRIEF Summary - General MacArthur first speaks about the award itself, the Thayer Award. He then goes on about Duty, Honor, Country and how they are the foundation of every soldier. He continues how much character soldiers posses and that even though the world is changing the goal and necessity of soldiers will stay the same. He concludes by saying how soldiers are the ones who want peace the most and are not “war mongers” that some might call them Thayer Award - Given to Americans whose actions
follow the motto of "Duty, Honor, Country" States his military experience Polysyndeton Parallelism "They build your basic character; They mold you [...]. They make you strong" Creates an objective tone about the motto "Duty, Honor, Country" "As I Listened to those songs of the [glee club], in the memory's eye I could see thos staggering columns of the First World War, bending under soggy packs, on many a weary march from dripping dusk to drizzling dawn [...]" Polysyndeton is use to overhelm the listener with the horrors of WWI by listing them one after another
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