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Grand Canyon Book Report

No description

Dawn Fischer

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Grand Canyon Book Report

Its Majesty and Its Lore GRAND CANYON COUNTRY Its Majesty and Its Lore The River SOUTH RIM COUNTRY Geology and Conservation North Rim Country-Shamans’ Gallery GRAND CANYON COUNTRY This story is about a group of people (author, photographer, and friends) exploring the 277 mile long Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is divided into two main parts, the South Rim Country and the North Rim Country. The group finds out that there are native people that live in the Grand Canyon and there is a lot of history that goes back all the way to the 1800’s. For example, they found out that there are huge caves where miners and cowboys used to mine for gold, silver, and bronze. They also took a lot of very beautiful pictures of the Grand Canyon. By Seymour L. Fishbein The crew found a trail called the Hopi Salt Trail.
Named after Hopi Indian tribe
Leads to many salt caves Navajo Indians tending
their sheep and goats. Duck-On-A-Rock Navajo girls in
traditional dress Hopi Wall Views leaving the South Rim Country You can ride mules down the trail from the camping site. Ending of a rainbow. There are many layers of rock
Youngest at top
Oldest at bottom Watahomigi Formation Brachiopods in Redwall Limestone River-Polished Vishnu Schist Esplanade Sandstone Dox Sandstone Foliated Vishnu Schist GRAND CANYON ROCKS ROCK!!!! President Teddy Roosevelt established the Grand Canyon Game Reserve in 1906
Protected deer from hunters
Allowed hunters to hunt the cougars which are the deer’s predators James T. “Uncle Jim” Owens killed about 500 cougars
After awhile the deer started to become overpopulated
They were starving to death
Therefore you should not play with the balance of nature The Arizona Strip runs through the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
It has a lot of vegetation The cattle are overgrazing the Arizona Strip
Environmentalist want to stop it
But the cowboys will lose their job Obviously there is no easy answer to conservation. Published by
The National Geographic Society People believe it was a major ceremonial place for ancient canyon dwellers Paintings have been there for at least 2,000 years It is an important part of southwest prehistoric art and has about 40 humanlike pictures and stick figures WooHoo!! Here come some Grade 8 rapids!! 1 star... 2 stars... 3 stars... 4 stars... 5 stars!!!! I give this book...
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