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About me...

No description

bernice holford

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of About me...

Jesse:) Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal My Favourites... My Bestie is Khanh because she is the awesomest person ever she is also funny and really nice so you can't not like her!!!!!
She is so cool and no I don't mean costapated over weighted old lady..

My Friends... My Bestie... food...Cucumber:) colour...Yellow sport...Netball teacher...Mr Quilter school subject...Writing spec group...Foods animal...jaguar Kate Liv Khanh Jenna Emily Hannah Roshani Cassie Tori annaliese sarah Antonia imogen Shannon Aliyah Khanh Tracy Charm Nidhi Emma Ivy Georgione Hannah Jasmine Rakaia Alex Sophie Abby Anais Jordan Brooklyn Gena Ella Florrie Aroha Gemma Maddie Courtney Ayla Hannah Ariana Kayla Shanaia Nikisha Christine Anna Madeline Layken Rebecca Shayda Fion Sam
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