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CRIM 1040 - Ch. 3

No description

Kaleena Spivey

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of CRIM 1040 - Ch. 3

Take out a sheet of paper.
Write your name and the date at the top. (This is how we will take attendance.)
You have 5 minutes to explain to me what you read in chapter 3.
You cannot include the topic from this past discussion board.
If you did not read, just write, 'I did not read'. "Do not blame those in the future for the actions of the past, unless those living in the present continue to commit the errors of the past." "Angry Eye" Reactions Earned Privileges

Unearned Privileges Continuum of Discrimination Systematic discrimination Institutionalized discrimination Pure justice Contextual discrimination Individual discrimination Visibility Gatekeeping Typical Victim

Typical Offender Things to remember:
(this will not apply to everyone) Make sure to do the readings before class!
Complete your discussion board postings every week! (We have one every week)
You will not get weekly reminders.
Check the syllabus/course schedule for upcoming assignments/projects that are due!
Again, I will not be reminding you every time something is due.
No one should fail this class. However, if you do not do YOUR part in completing assignments, you will fail this course.
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