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World Music

No description

Chad Seamon

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of World Music

Windows on the World
To begin our journey of learning about world music, we will travel to the continent of South America.

Our first destination is Santiago, the capital of the country, Chile.
Music in South America uses instruments that are much different from the ones in our music. Some are listed below.
Santiago, Chile
Music in South America is not just for enjoyment or listening, but for many other purposes.

It can be used for

* dancing
* political protests
* religious ceremonies
Next, we will learn about a Chilean
musician and singer, Víctor Jara.
Víctor Jara
- He used music to lead people in protest against violent military dictators.
- In 1973, he was killed at the National Stadium of Chile because he opposed the military junta of Augusto Pinochet.
Now we travel to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina to learn about Mercedes Sosa, a popular folk singer.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mercedes Sosa
Below: President Cristina of Argentina at
the funeral of Mercedes Sosa
- She wrote and performed folk music.

- Like Víctor Jara, Mercedes Sosa
also used music to protest
bad government and military

- In 1979, she was arrested
during her concert at La Plata
because of her music and
political opposition.
How do other cultures celebrate music?
Todo Cambia (Everything Changes)
Now we will travel to Ireland, a country in Europe with different musical instruments and themes.

We will go to Dublin, the capital city of Ireland.
Dublin, Ireland
People from Ireland have experienced a lot of hardships in their country.
Instruments of Ireland
Fiddle (violin)
When it is used in folk music, it is called the "fiddle".
Tin whistle
(Penny whistle)
Uilleann Pipes
1) Many people have gone hungry during famines.

2) There is a lot of violence between Irish Catholics and Protestants, two groups of Christians in Ireland.

3) Whenever there
was not enough
food, many people
would starve and
get sick.
Music in Ireland is used in different ways, including:

* dancing
* singing in pubs for fun
* playing and singing with others
From the 1968 to 1998, the Irish Catholics
and Protestants constantly fought each
other. Many people were hurt and killed.
This period is called "The Troubles".
Some Irish music is affected by this sadness. Many songs have melodies that are very beautiful but very sad.
Finally, we will listen to "The Parting Glass". This song is often used to say goodbye to friends and loved ones in Ireland.

The Wailin' Jennys - The Parting Glass
Los Desaparecidos
-During this time, approximately 2,296 people were killed or "disappeared". Many political opposers were taken from their families and were never seen again.

- Between 1973 and 1990, at least 27,255 people were tortured by the government. 1,000 people still remain unaccounted for.
"It is best to remain silent and to forget. It is the only thing to do: we must forget. And forgetting does not occur by opening cases, putting people in jail." Augusto Pinochet
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