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Mary Richmond

No description

Cassandra Pullin

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Mary Richmond

Mary Ellen Richmond
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Mary Richmond
The Mother of Social Casework
Spent her life modernizing and professionalizing the care for the poor
Systematically developed the content and methodology of diagnosis
Founded the Pennsylvania Child Labor Committee, Public Charities Association, Juvenile Court, and Housing Association
Fought to have legislation created for deserted wives
Insistence on social work education led to the creation of schools for it
Scientific philanthropy was recognized and developed
Lectured both to share her knowledge/experiences as a social worker and on the importance of a formal education/professional standards
Expanded the "friendly visitor," the bond between a caseworker and people in need
Literary Work
Friendly Visiting among the Poor: A Handbook for Charity Workers (1899)
The Good Neighbor in the Modern City (1908)
A Study of Nine Hundred and Eight-five Widows Known to certain Charity Organization Societies in 1910 (1913)
Social Diagnosis (1917)
What is Social Casework? An Introductory Description (1922)
NASW Foundation National Programs. “NASW Social Work Pioneers: Mary Ellen Richmond (1861- 1928).” [Cited 23 August 2013]. Available from: http://www.naswfoundation.org/pioneers/ r/richmond.html
Richmond, M. E. (1944). Social Diagnosis. New York City, New York: Russell Sage Foundation.
Szymoniak, S. “Richmond, Mary Ellen.” Learning to Give. [Cited 24 August 2013]. Available from: http://learningtogive.org/papers/paper119.html
Van De Genachte, A. “Mary Ellen Richmond”. History of Social Work. [Cited 22 August 2013]. Available from: http://www.historyofsocialwork.org/eng/ details.php?canon_id=133
Social Diagnosis
A person's problems are due to
something in their social environment
Learn from previous cases
Cassandra Pullin
Edward Bindewald

Born in Belleville, IL 1861
Parents died when she was very young
Raised by her grandmother in Baltimore, MD
Highest level of education was high school
Identified Six sources of Power available to clients
Who here has donated to a charity?

Who has donated to a charity through a church?
Questions for the Class
A common basis of knowledge
Formal education
Social Casework
Mary Ellen Richmond
"...it is still my opinion, that the elements of social diagnosis, if formulated, should constitute a part of the ground which all social case workers could occupy in common, and that it should become possible in time to take for granted, in every social practitioner, a knowledge and mastery of those elements, and of the modifications in them which each decade of practice would surely bring."
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