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Hollywood Walk of Fame Luke & Charlie

No description

Natasha Declaire

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Hollywood Walk of Fame Luke & Charlie

Hollywood walk of fame Lights, Camera, Action! What it is? The Hollywood walk of Fame, consists of 2,400 five pointed terrazzo bronze stars embedded on the sidewalk. It is also a huge tourist atraction. Where is it? The walk of fame is in
Hollywood in California. Who created it? By Luke & Charlie The Hollywood Walk of Fame was created in 1958 by Southern Californian artist Oliver Weismuller, who was hired by the city to give Hollywood a face lift. You get stars for: Being good in showbiz for five years minimum, helping in the community and raising money for charity. 2500 stars were made to begin with. Over 2400 stars are taken and there's an average of 2 more stars every month. The first person to have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame was Joanne Woodward. The First and the Last The muppets are the latest edetion to the hollywood walk of fame. Who will be next? The Next person to have a star might be Kim Kardashian How many stars
are there? The person that came up with the idea was E.M Sturart. It is on Hollywood
Boulevard and
Vine Street.
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