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FBEcol Prairie Smoke - Cassidy Unterseher

Ecology B Layer

Cassidy Unterseher

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of FBEcol Prairie Smoke - Cassidy Unterseher

Prairie Smoke
By: Cassidy Unterseher Uses: Mouth sores, sore throat, coughs, open wounds, sore eyes Common name: Prairie Smoke
Scientific name: Geum triflorum Duration:perennial Growth Conditions: It grows in late spring through early summer, it can have up to nine flower on one stem. The flower has fuses that cause the flowers to not open fully, so bees force their way in to pollinate. Grows in the central US and southern part of Canada. Commonly found on shallow and gravelly sites as well as silty and loamy soils. Title: Prairie Smoke, Geum Triflorum
Author: Susan Mahr, University of Wisconsin Growth habits: herb
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