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Too Much Stuff!

No description

Jessika Drmacich

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Too Much Stuff!

how to prepare? New Library 2014 We made it! March 2014 personal archiving and getting ready for the "big move" Wow! I have way too much stuff! Records! what is a record? personal archiving
at your desk! What is personal archiving? College Archivist, Sylvia Kennick Brown
Records Manager and Digital Archivist, Jessika Drmacich what is not a record? what to keep and what to toss! retention schedules back up! LOCKSS! born digital and reformatted metadata and file naming your shared drive how we are moving file folder naming boxes and how to pack! with well organized records Remember: you can contact Sylvia, Jessika, or Linda anytime with questions! when we are moving April 2013 A record is any information generated in the course of conducting business, AND which must be maintained to meet the fiscal, legal, historical, or administrative needs of an organization.
Some examples (though not an exhaustive list): 
Fiscal data
Outgoing and incoming correspondence
Reports and statistical compilations
Minutes from College meetings What is A Record? Non-record material may include: 
Magazines or newspapers
Blank paper and other supplies
Purchased research
Data from outside the College
Article copies
Newspaper clippings
I-tunes library
Personal email What is Not A Record? email file formats create a folder template determine folder direction don't float folders don't use mac specific options avoid redundancy traps create a cheat sheet

consider starting over! Shared Drive
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