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By Ariel Netland

No description

Ariel Netland

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of By Ariel Netland

By Ariel Netland
Capital: Brussels
Population: 10,449,361
Area (per sq. mile): 11,787
Languages: French, Dutch, and German
Currency: Euro ($1.13 U.S.A)
Religion: 57% are Catholic/Christian
Belgium Specs
Family: One or two children is average
Housing: 80% or more of people live in a brick home with just their immediate family.
Dating and Marriage: Dating age is around 16 by 20-29 you're married
Divorce is very common
There are three different kinds of waffles:
1. Brussels waffle: thicker and served with powdered sugar on top
2. Liege waffle: thick with sugar on the inside
3. Galettes: thinner, softer and typically eaten for breakfast

Pork, game birds, fish, sausages, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, breads, and soups are very common for every meal.

Famous foods include mussels, chocolates (biggest seller is at the Brussels National Airport), beer (over 300 varieties), waffles, and French Fries which are eaten with mayonnaise or just salt (they were invented there!!)
Carnaval de Binche
is a living heritage human and social event. It is a known as a "Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity"

a festival that happens every year during Trinity Sunday( 57 days after Easter) in the town on Mons, Belgium.

Head of State: King Philippe
Head of Government: Prime Minister
Charles Michel
GDP in billions: $421.7
GDP per capita:$37,800
Adult Literacy: 99% (most in the world)
Average Years of Schooling: 10.9
Belgians medical can be covered by either state or private health insurance
Doctors and clinics are private but can be paid for by public funds
Doudou de Mons:
People of Belgium
The people tend to have tight regional and family ties, holding to the traditions of both
The people have a love for life and live it to the fullest
The Flemish are known for being hard workers that save their money
The Walloon are more social and less materialistic; they enjoy having parties and sharing good times with others
Belgians struggle to know how to deal with immigrants, most accept them and like to seeing their living conditions improve

There is an extensive system of main roads, supplemented by modern expressways that extend from Brussels to Ostend, from Brussels to Antwerp, from Brussels to Luxembourg, and from Antwerp to Aachen

Trains are the fastest and most practical form of transportation from city to city. But in recent years the Belgians have been very unhappy with the railway because of the many labor union strikes
This is the form of transportation that I used because it was cheaper and most days faster
Biking is very common for personal transportation
Goeiedag: Good day
Hallo: Hello

Formal Greetings: three light kisses on the cheeks. Female friends often walk hand-in-hand.
When leaving you must shake each person's hand in the group or it is considered offensive.

How to address others:
Family or close friend
First name
Title and last name or just by title (Mr., Mrs,, or Ms.)
Socializing is usually done in public at places such as cafes, bistros, and restaurants.
Visiting is only done if there is a prior arrangement or at least calling ahead
Arriving late to a visitation is considered rude
Bringing small gifts or flowers are expected
Punctuality is very important
Major Cities
is the administrative center of the European Union. It is also known at the Capital of Europe. It is also the home of Flemish and French culture

is the capital and largest city of West Flanders. The College of Europe is located here.

is an important port city, with oil refineries and a high concentration of petrochemical industries. It is also involved in diamond trade.

January 23, 1831
Summer temperatures range from 54 to 72
Winter temperatures usually do not go below 32

The climate is heavily influenced by the sea;
fog and rain are very common. There is very little snow in winter.

The climate is damp and temperate.
My Exchange Family
How I dressed
My exchange family lived in Brussels. They were a family that were in the higher class of Belgium.
They lived in a 2 story house.
They were a family of 4.
My exchange mother's name was Nina
My exchange father's name was Lukas
My exchange sisters' names were June and Liv
The dog's name was Willow
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I packed clothes that you would wear in Minnesota but with the family that I lived with they dresses to impress. so they bought me new clothes
Kludde; a strange catlike water demon that jumped on the backs of passing travelers.
Lord Halewijn; a man who has as only goal to extinct the fertility of the country, he is clearly strange because his head manages to speak after the princess of the land chopped it off.
Druon Antigoon; the giant who was killed by the Roman soldier Brabo and is part of the founding myth of Antwerp.
Tchantchès; a rather curious person who when born of no mother in Liège he refuses to drink water and has only drunk something containing alcohol in his life. He meets Knight Roland and travels with him to the court of Charlemagne, who was born in the same area as Tchantchès ( but in Herstal). He has a wife Nânesse.
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