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new france

No description

jorawar dhaliwal

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of new france

The Seigneurie System The Seigneurie System was introduced to New France in 1627, it was introduced because St. Lawrence River was like a highway of New France which also provided
people with water and transportation,
it also divided land. Farming In New France they used to farm for potatoes, corn, squash, wheat, peas, cabbage, turnips, barley, tobacco, And more. All the land in the Seigneurial System belonged to the king and a Seigneur was put in charge of it. The Seigneur had farms to do the work for him. These Farmers were called Habitants. Habitants would have worked so much ,but they would of got less money than the Seigneur who would not even do anything at all. The Seigneur owned a large piece of the land for a church, mill, and more. NEW FRANCE THE SEIGNEURIAL SYSTEM by Jorawar And Austan Quick fact These are some key features of how the seigneur used to divide the land.

The land was set beside the river to provide water for farming and personal use, for transportation by canoe and fishing.
The fields were long and narrow to let as many habitant families as possible have access to the water.
Common land provided a site for social and recreational events. Habitants were also called Censitaires
Habitants paid taxs to the Seigneur called "Cens et Rentes" and anather tax called "Lods and Ventes"
The Habitants were required to work for the seigneur 3 days in a each .year.
In 1663 half of the seigneuries were managed by women because there husbands had past away so they were in charge of the land. Thank you to Google,Wikipedia.com, Yahoo.com/anwsers
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