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Online Study Abroad 101

Please take a look at this short self-guided presentation, which will walk you through some of the important considerations you may want to think about prior to meeting with an advisor. Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate.


on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Online Study Abroad 101

EXCHANGES AFFILIATED PROGRAMS UW PROGRAMS YOU can study abroad if you are A UW student in good academic standing
Meet pre-requisites and eligibility standards for your program
Adventurous and eager to expand your personal boundaries Why study abroad? Meet new people
Learn a new language
Gain a different perspective
Personal growth
Earn academic credit
Boost your resume
Develop independence and life skills
Enhance your UW experience
Dispel stereotypes
Have fun! Study abroad with other UW students in courses taught by UW faculty
Many do not require language background
Build relationships with UW faculty
Program dates correspond with Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Summer A & B terms
Earn 12-15 UW credits for the quarter-long options and 6-15 credits for Summer A & B options
Pay program fee instead of UW tuition - includes housing, field excursions, and other amenities
When to apply: 2-3 quarters in advance Exploration Seminars Led by UW faculty, sponsored by UW departments
Offered during Early Fall - the 3 to 4 week gap between Summer and Autumn quarters
Earn 5 credits that apply to the Autumn quarter
Focus on specific themes connected to the program location
When to apply: January Funding Scholarships
Financial Aid
Experience the academic, cultural and social life at a foreign university
Pay an exchange fee equal to your UW tuition
Instruction usually given in host country language, but many exchanges offer courses in English
Students typically earn 12-18 UW credits per quarter or 20-24 UW credits per semester
When to apply: 6-8 months in advance Want a wide variety of course options
Are highly motivated and independent
Would like to study abroad for a quarter, semester, or full year UW-approved study abroad options administered by other universities, study abroad program providers, or foreign language schools
Instruction in English, host country language, or both
Focus on specific topics or wide range of course options
12-15 credits for quarter-long programs
20-24 credits for semester-long programs
When to apply: 6-8 months in advance Internships are available in a variety of fields through IE3 - http://ie3global.ous.edu/.
Host organizations provide supervision and logistical support for students in the host country
Work with a UW faculty member to complete an academic project worth 6 or 12 undergraduate or 10 graduate credits per quarter
Internships are available in English as well as foreign languages
When to apply: 6-8 months in advance Participate in independent research, practicum, clerkships, and externships abroad
Work with UW faculty to complete an academic project for a minimum of 12 undergraduate or 10 graduate credits per quarter
Make all logistical arrangements on your own
When to apply: 6-8 months in advance Would like to focus on course work in specific areas of study connected to program location
Want to study abroad for a period of time that mirrors the UW quarter system
Desire some on-site UW support
Have limited or no foreign language background Study Abroad 101 Costs Program costs vary by location, duration and program type. Consider these common costs:
Program/Exchange Fees
Mandatory UW Study Abroad Insurance
UW Study Abroad Fee
Expenses (airfare, food, visa, immunizations, spending money) Credits & Grades Earn UW credits
Credits calculated into UW GPA
Coursework can count towards graduation or major/minor requirements
Meet with academic advisor for course planning Study Abroad Fair - October 19, Mary Gates Hall, 10am - 2pm
UW Student Exchange Night - November 9, Walker Ames Room (Kane Hall), 4pm - 7pm Upcoming Events University Exchanges Study Abroad Options UW PROGRAMS INTERNSHIPS AFFILIATED PROGRAMS INDEPENDENT LEARNING Are self-motivated and independent
Desire hands-on, practical experience abroad
Would like to integrate academic credit with on-the-job experience
Want to gain professional and cultural skills abroad Are self-motivated and independent
Have experience with the region and local language Want a short study abroad experience that
does not conflict with the UW academic calendar
Desire on-site UW support
Have limited or no foreign language background UW students receiving financial aid can usually apply funding towards study abroad
Meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to confirm specifics
Students can submit a Revision Request with Financial Aid to apply for additional funding
Financial Aid http://studyabroad.washington.edu/ FIND A PROGRAM TALK TO A STUDY ABROAD ADVISOR Contact Us UW STUDY ABROAD
Open: M-F 10am to 4pm
459 Schmitz Hall
Box 355815
ipe@uw.edu Where and when do you want to study abroad?
What do you want to study?
Which study abroad option interests you?
How long do you want to study?
Do you want to fulfill major requirements? Questions to ask yourself Check our website for the region specific advising times! Ian Shelley Samantha Reinertson Catherine Pratt Brian Hoefgen Yvette Kieu Gaelen Sayres Samantha Bowman Vance Roush Caitlin Marassi Selena Annis Nicole Basta Mike Renes Geared towards students who: Geared towards students who: Geared towards students who: Want to study for a quarter, semester, or full academic year
Desire a combination of on-site support and options for immersion
May or may not have a background in a foreign language Geared towards students who: Geared towards students who Geared towards students who Scholarships Visit the scholarship section of the UW Study Abroad website
A variety of need-based, merit-based, and location-specific scholarships are available for both undergraduate and graduate students http://studyabroad.washington.edu/ Search for Programs Visit our website and search for programs based on any of the following:
Country or City
Field of Interest
Program Option http://studyabroad.washington.edu/ Graduate and undergraduate students from all majors are welcome Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot Lauren Easterling Lauren Easterling Visas Research entry requirements for your preferred destination(s) - a visa may be necessary.
Visa requirements depend on nationality, duration of stay, and destination.
International students attending the UW should take extra care to research these requirements in advance of selecting a program.
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