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Using Myst in the classroom

My experiences with using Myst in Literacy lessons

Mark Warner

on 1 June 2009

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Transcript of Using Myst in the classroom

Using Myst in the classroom Mark Warner Tim Rylands www.timrylands.com Make your own Simpsons avatar at:
www.simpsonizeme.com Benefits:
Writing standards
Problem solving / Puzzles
Fun! Issues:
Freedom DEMO More information from:
www.mrwarner.com Why did you enjoy our Myst lessons?
"Because it turns lessons into fun and improves my imagination at the same time." (Charlie)
"The Myst lessons have been really fun and exciting. The reason I think I liked it most was because it was full of surprises and everyone liked Saavedro!" (Natalia)
"Because it's been an adventure all the way through." (Freya) How has your writing improved during our Myst lessons?
"I learned lots of new ideas from the Myst adventures, and I also discovered some new similes and metaphors." (Conor)
"I have been more creative and I have used more adjectives and describing words. I have tried to use more similes. I have been more thorough with punctuation." (Joshua)
"The Myst game helped me because I seemed to just enjoy it, so amazing words just came up. I found the landscapes wonderful, so boring words were not enough. The words I normally use are like sad and pretty but Mr Warner helped me too use exciting words such as: Miserable, caution. I put wonderful sentences together: 'Beautiful emerald windows with a chrome outline'." (Robyn) Do you own one of these?
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