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Colonial Life Prezi

No description

Brandon Wallace

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Life Prezi

Colonial Life

By: Brandon Wallace Colonial Regions New England Colonies States:
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Natural Resources:
Furs The Middle Colonies- the Breadbasket Colony States:
New Jersey
New York

Natural Resources:
Wheat Southern Colonies States
North Carolina
South Carolina

Trade in the Southern Colonies:
Waterways made it easy for the southern colonies to trade with Europe and other colonies. Communication In 1639, colonies were told that a postal service was starting.
Mail delivery was very slow.
In 1753, Benjamin Franklin was named Postmaster General.
He made many improvements.
Newspapers was also started in the colonies.
Not all of the colonies had a newspaper at first.
In some towns there was a town crier. Liesure Time During Colonial times, children did not have Nintendos, TV, or many books to read, so they often created their own games.
They spent most of their time in the schoolroom and doing chores there was not much time for leisure activities. When they did have time, they mostly enjoyed outdoor activities.
Social standing (wealth), geographical location, and gender all affected recreation in Colonial America. Northern Vs. Southern Leisure In the Southern colonies leisure activities included: horse racing, fox hunting, harvest parties, and outdoor games.
In the Northern colonies leisure time was much different. Most of their time was spent in church and there was little time for other leisure activities.
In the Northern colonies, it was too cold to play outside during the winter, so many children played indoor games when they had free time. Romance & Marriage The many different colonies that formed during the Colonial time period had very different cultures.
Rich people married rich people and poor people married poor people. It was not acceptable to marry "below" your social status.
Rich people could afford elaborate wedding ceremonies while poor people often were just married by a minister.
In the rugged back country, the mainly Scot-Irish colonists would "steal" a wife from her family. (Her family knew ahead of time.) The ceremony involved a lot of drinking and dancing. Most people married at a young age.
In Virginia, marriage was a sacred and religious union. Love was not necessary. The exchange of property and money between parents was the important thing.
For the Puritans, marriage was more of a contract. The couple was supervised by their parents before they were allowed to marry.
For the Quakers, their marriages required permissions from the entire community. The couple first had to complete a 16-step courtship.
African slaves took on their own customs--some from Africa and some new ones--including "jumping the broom stick" to complete their marriage. Romance and Marriage (continued)
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